BLF’s 2013 MLB Mock Draft V.3

by Matt Grabusky | Posted on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

BLF’s third mock draft for 2013 goes a bit further than our past versions, now extending through the end of Competitive Balance Round B.  As with any mock you will find, these are our best guesses, some more educated than others.

We will be posting mocks, in various forms, on a near weekly basis between now and the draft.

 First Round
 Pick  Team  Player  Position  School
    1  Astros  Mark Appel    RHP  Stanford
    2  Cubs  Jonathan Gray    RHP  Oklahoma
    3  Rockies  Kris Bryant    3B  San Diego
    4  Twins  Austin Meadows    OF  Grayson (GA)
    5  Indians  Sean Manaea    LHP  Indiana State
    6  Marlins  Clint Frazier    OF  Loganville (GA)
    7  Red Sox  Jonathan Denney    C  Yukon (OK)
    8  Royals  Braden Shipley    RHP  Nevada
    9  Pirates  Ryne Stanek    RHP  Arkansas
  10  Blue Jays  Trey Ball    OF/LHP  New Castle (IN)
  11  Mets  Ryan Boldt    OF  Red Wing (MN)
  12  Mariners  Reese McGuire    C  Kentwood (WA)
  13  Padres  JP Crawford    SS  Lakewood (CA)
  14  Pirates  Kohl Stewart    RHP  St. Pius X (TX)
  15  DBacks  Chris Anderson    RHP  Jacksonville
  16  Phillies  Dominic Smith    1B  Serra (CA)
  17  White Sox  Colin Moran    3B  North Carolina
  18  Dodgers  Ian Clarkin    LHP  James Madison (CA)
  19  Cardinals  Andy McGuire    SS  James Madison (VA)
  20  Tigers  Phillip Ervin    OF  Samford
  21  Rays  Matt Krook    LHP  St. Ignatius (CA)
  22  Orioles  Billy McKinney    OF  Plano West (TX)
  23  Rangers  Connor Jones    RHP  Great Bridge (VA)
  24  A’s  Jonathan Crawford    RHP  Florida
  25  Giants  Carlos Salazar    RHP  Kerman (CA)
  26  Yankees  Rob Kaminsky    LHP  St. Joseph Regional (NJ)
  27  Reds  Justin Williams    OF  Terrebonne (LA)
 Comp Round A
  28  Cardinals  Bobby Wahl    RHP  Mississippi
  29  Rays  Nick Ciuffo    C  Lexington (CA)
  30  Rangers  Ryan Eades    RHP  Louisiana State
  31  Braves  Trevor Williams    RHP  Arizona State
  32  Yankees  Kevin Ziomek    LHP  Vanderbilt
  33  Yankees  Eric Jagielo    3B  Notre Dame
 Competitive Balance Round A
  34  Rpyals  DJ Peterson    3B  New Mexico
  35  Marlins  Drew Ward    3B  Leedey (OK)
  36  DBacks  Oscar Mercado    SS  Gaither (FL)
  37  Orioles  Marco Gonzales    LHP  Gonzaga
  38  Reds  Andrew Mitchell    RHP  Texas Christian
  39  Tigers  Tom Windle    LHP  Minnesota
 Round 2
  40  Astros  Hunter Harvey    RHP  Bandys (NC)
  41  Cubs  Aaron Blair    RHP  Marshall
  42  Rockies  Clinton Hollon    RHP  Woodford County (KY)
  43  Twins  Andrew Thurman    RHP  UC Irvine
  44  Marlins  Aaron Judge    OF  Fresno State
  45  Red Sox  Dustin Driver    RHP  Wenatchee (WA)
  46  Royals  Brett Morales    RHP  King (FL)
  47  Blue Jays  Austin Wilson    OF  Stanford
  48  Mets  Chris Okey    C  Eustis (FL)
  49  Mariners  Jacob Brentz    LHP  Parkway South
  50  Padres  Austin Kubitza    RHP  Rice
  51  Pirates  Michael Lorenzen    OF  Cal State Fullerton
  52  DBacks  Jason Hursh    LHP  Oklahoma State
  53  Phillies  Jan Hernandez    SS  Carlos Beltran Academy (PR)
  54  Brewers  Alex Gonzalez    RHP  Oral Roberts
  55  White Sox  Trey Masek    RHP  Texas Tech
  56  Dodgers  Jonah Wesely    LHP  Tracy (CA)
  57  Tigers  Jeremy Martinez    C  Mater Dei (CA)
  58  Cardinals  Derik Beauprez    RHP  Cherry Creek (CO)
  59  Angels  Matt McPhearson    OF  Riverdale Baptist (MD)
  60  Rays  Ryan McMahon    3B  Mater Dei (CA)
  61  Orioles  Keegan Thomson    RHP  Cullman (AL)
  62  Rangers  Chris Rivera    SS  El Dorado (CA)
  63  A’s  Hunter Renfroe    OF  Mississippi State
  64  Giants  AJ Puk    LHP  Washington (IA)
  65  Braves  Robert Tyler    RHP  Crisp County (GA)
  66  Yankees  Brian Navarreto    C  Arlington Country Day (FL)
  67  Reds  Trey Williams    3B  College of the Canyons
  68  Nationals  Cavan Biggio    3B  St. Thomas (TX)
 Competitive Balance Round B
  69  Padres  Zach Collins    1B  American Heritage (FL)
  70  Indians  Nick Lionghi    1B/OF  Venice (FL)
  71  Rockies  Casey Shane    RHP  Centennial (TX)
  72  A’s  Scott Frazier    RHP  Pepperdine
  73  Brewers  Kevin Davis    RHP  T.R. Miller (AL)
  74  Marlins  Chris Oakley    RHP  St, Augustine Prep (NJ)


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  1. E-Dub says:

    As a formerly ardent Trey Williams fan, I’ll be surprised if he goes Day One at this point. Very low grades this spring.

  2. John Banks says:

    Where is Chad Pinder on this list?

    I’ve read everywhere 1st round, putting up huge numbers, best defender in college baseball at 3B and had a great summer in the Cape

  3. NPAC says:


    • Your Name... says:

      He has dropped a lot recently would go to the Astro next pick if we would have gone farther.

      • KevinRBLF says:

        Yea I don’t have a huge problem with him being off here. Although I will say this is a bigger drop then most places have it.

        I personally don’t like Gonsalves as much as most do and while I didn’t construct this list I don’t have a probelm with Gonsalves.

        I will say I was impressed with some of the names on here I was happy to see for instance McKinney who i’ve been pushing as a 1st round bat for awhile. Recently did a post on him as well. Also Kevin Davis Derik Beauprez Ryan McMahon. I will say though Joey Martarano and Hunter Harvey are a bit low for me. I have martarano as a 1st round talent. Same with Harvey. Harvey anywhere from 20 on really.

        Also Terry McClure Nick Banks are 2 guys I would’ve liked to have seen on here. But in reality and I think our frequent vistor EDub said this as well, After a certain point this all becomes very subjective and fluid. Some guys after a certain point can really be all over the place depending on who you ask. As of this very moment the only comfortable locks for me anyways is like the top5-8 maybe 10 guys.

  4. NPAC says:

    Ok, but if he is still on the board in Round 2, the Brewers will gladly pick him at #54. You can take that to the bank on June 6th.

  5. Steve Grant says:

    Saw JP Crawford play last week, who ever draft him will have a superstar in a few years.
    Great glove at ss and ran 4.18 from 1st to home on a hit and run play from a line drive single over third base.

    • Kevin Gallo says:

      I am going to see him again next week. I am excited to see him play.

      • KevinRBLF says:

        I love JP. I was one of the first people to keep pushing across he was the #1 SS in the class.

        I love his bat and he can stick at SS. The bat has a chance to be outstanding.

  6. KevinRBLF says:

    Also I would’ve liked to see Kohl Stewart top10 as well as Reese McGuire that’s just me. Cavan Biggio is another guy who was a drastic too low one for me. But again very fluid just trying to put my opinion out there. I do think this is a very good mock to look at gives some solid opinions.

    • Your Name... says:

      Stewart shoulder still bothers me and I am sure its a red flag for GMs.

      • KevinRBLF says:

        I don’t think it’s that massive of a concern. Especially since he’s been great since being back and if he’s going through the season no problems then I don’t think it’s anything to lose sleep over.

        • Kevin_Gallo says:

          I elbow, arent a big deal because they know how to fix them. Shoulders can be a big problem.

          • KevinRBLF says:

            Well, we’re not talking about Shoulders…We’re talking about Kohl Stewart and his shoulder and I’m not that concerned with it.

          • KevinRBLF says:

            Depends I suppose but there’s really no doubt that shoulders CAN be a nasty buisness.

  7. Kevin_Gallo says:

    We are talking about Kohl Stewart because his shoulder durability is a a question. Because he sat out the beginning of the season because of shoulder issue. So until I see medical reports saying he is ok I am going to be concerned.

  8. wlord says:

    When you put Appel going 1.1 you lose all your credibilty

  9. Hunter Green says:

    Kevin Franklin could be a guy that sneaks his way up to the early rounds in my opinion. Saw him at the national classic in fullerton. He’s absolutely tearing it up this spring and is tied for most home runs in California right now. People talk about BP power with him but he’s showing game power as well and to all sides of the field. Not to mention his 2 home run game with one being a walk off. His hustle is tremendous I’d draft him and watch him outlast his draft class what do you guys think?

    • KevinRBLF says:

      I’m a huge fan of Franklin myself….Everything you’ve just said I can believe and saw coming. He has outstanding power and just a great bat in general. I put him as one of the top3-4 3B in the entire class. Along with names like Travis Demmeritte and Joey Martarano, Ryan McMahon.

      I personally have Franklin as my #2 3B.

      • KevinRBLF says:

        I know there’s been some questions as well if he can stay at 3B or is he more of a RF/LF type of guy so we’ll have to see about that but one things for certain his bat is definitely worth notice.

  10. Matt Grabusky says:

    Franklin is one of a fairly large number of players who could be drafted early and aren’t included in our mock. McClure, Gonsalves, Sandberg, Pinder, etc. The pool of players who could go in the first 74 picks is quite large at this point.

  11. Shankbone says:

    Question: which hitters have the best bat speed in the class? My semi-educated guess might lean towards Justin Williams as a candidate. Any thoughts?

    On the Homer front, I like the call for the Giants on Carlos Salazar. Looks like there is another Central California hurler to compete with Jonah Wesley. Why the big fall for Wesley?

    AJ Puk in the 2nd would be nice as well. The CBA takes that huge supplemental out of the equation, its pretty exciting to have a pick in the 60s instead of waiting 64 picks between the 1st/2nd round this year.

    • KevinRBLF says:

      As far as speed goes, Obviously there’s alot of names so there’s alot of guys you could mention but some notable ones would be Austin Meadows, Matt McPherson, Terry McClure, Oscar Mercado, Ryan Boldt.

    • Kevin Gallo says:

      It is not that he has fallen, it is that some many others risen to the moment. I am a huge believer in Wesley but I think a lot of players have taken some big steps.

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  13. Your Name... says:

    I want to know the player bernardo bonifacio high school arlington country day in jacksonville, florida say

    • KevinRBLF says:

      Arlington Country Day is the home of Defensive Standout Brian Navaretto 2013 Catcher. Also 2011 #9 Pick I believe, Javier Baez.

  14. Your Name... says:

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  15. George Hayes says:

    I saw that you guys mentioned Kevin Franklin earlier and I just ran across this YouTube video of him enjoy!

  16. Your Name... says:

    Why would the Mets draft two high school catchers when they have D’Arnaud and a lot of other holes to fill?

    • Matt Grabusky says:

      We have them taking an outfielder and a catcher. That said, I’m a believer in BPA, so D’Arnaud’s presence should not affect them taking another catcher.

  17. Chris Slade says:

    I think Hunter Renfroe is goin to go at least 30 spots higher than 63. Kids a flat out stud

  18. Matt Grabusky says:

    Chris, he definitely looks low at 63. I thought so after we posted this mock and think so even more at this point.

  19. Coach says:

    Where do u see Sean Brady going?

  20. Don Scolaro says:

    What about Tyler Danish out of Durant H.S. in Florida? Zero earned runs in 85 innings in the very competative 8A Florida Baseball. Look him up

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