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by KevinRBLF | Posted on Monday, March 25th, 2013

Tyler Alamo is a 6’4 210 lb Catcher for  Cypress High in Cypress California. He’s a big boy for a catcher that’s for sure. He was one of the studs on that amazing 16U Team USA a couple years back that won the gold and in that same tournament Alamos teammate Austin Meadows set a record with 28RBI for the tournament.



Defensively, He’s very athletic for a catcher and his size for that matter. He’s one of the few guys his size I’d be so comfortable allowing him to stick at catcher long term. He’s got an absolute cannon of an arm that’s going to be a real assest for him at the highest levels. He moves well behind the plate and he understands his job as a catcher. He put it perfectly himself “Some guys are born to be behind the plate” and this one is one of those guys. He really strives being that guy on the field for his team.  If there was an issue down the road I am 100% really I’m 200% percent he’d be able to handle a RF spot for his team. He did play OF earlier in his life.


Now while he’s a great defensive package he’s certainly no slouch at the plate. He has a more line drive approach and swing at the moment which works very well for him hitting in the 400s on the year for his Cypress High squad. The projection really plays into this part more so then the defense simply because he wouldn’t want to be all that much bigger behind the plate. As far as the bat goes though he can add a bit of lift to the swing which isn’t an issue at all in any sense and he’ll be as good as a slugger as any of them. I could see BIG time power potential for this kid down the road combined with the fact that he’s a really good pure hitter as well makes for a very interesting package behind he plate because of his defensive chops.


As far as his Draft Status is concerned he just so happens to be apart of easily the strongest grouping of just catchers in general but especially High School catchers ever. This doesn’t mean he should be lost in the shuffle though this is a big time talent who really understands his role as a catcher and gets the game of baseball on that next level that really just points towards being able to handle what’s thrown at him down the road. He’s a very mature and down to earth type of kid who’s realistic about things and understands what he needs to do. I think he’s a top5 round talent who should get a very nice bonus and sign pretty quickly to begin his major league career. He is committed to Cal State Fullerton and that is a great Baseball College. I don’t see him making it to campus though signability hasn’t been a concern as far as I’ve heard and I don’t see this kind’ve talent dropping far enough where he’d want to pass up signing to be a major league talent.

I say it everytime but as usual the always amazing Steve Fiorindo has provided the world with these excellent clips of Alamo in Slo-Mo recently as well as footage from the Jesse Flores Memorial Event.

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  1. Ember says:

    Tyler Alamo is one of the most amazing Seniors I had met my Freshman year at Cypress High. I had accidently met him in the lunch line at school asking him if he was a football player (Since it was football season) I could tell just by looking at him that he was very athletic so I knew he had to play something. He was very polite and answered my question and had told me “No I play Baseball.” It wasn’t until the second time I met him asking him if he was a teacher(compared to me he looked older and was extremely tall so I just thought he was a teacher.) He again was polite and told me I had already talked to him and no he was a Senior. We got into a conversation and I asked him his name for some unholy reason I thought he had said his name was Tyler Alamode (You know like lemon alamode or something) It wasn’t until after asking a friend of mine that was a Junior if they knew him that I discovered that he was an extremely good Catcher. I talked to him whenever I saw him. I kept promising when Baseball season came I would go to one of his games. I never got my chance. I was dealing with a lot of doctor visits and lots of other issues during the times of his games. When I heard Tyler was supposed to be getting drafted I was so happy for him. The night of MLB Draft round 24 I prayed that he would get on a good team. He doesn’t know that I prayed for him while holding the Baseball I had him sign. I hope in the following years to come of his Baseball career I will finally get to go to one of his games. I’ll be cheering for him and The Cubs and any other team he ends up on. Congratulations, Tyler Alamo You are in my thoughts.

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