2013 MLB Mock Draft By Kevin

by Matt Grabusky | Posted on Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

This is a mock compiled by BLF’s loyal reader and most reliable, by a wide margin, commenter, Kevin.

 Pick  Team  Player  Position  School
   1  Astros  Clint Frazier    OF  Loganville (GA)
   2  Cubs  Ryne Stanek    RHP  Arkansas
   3  Rockies  Austin Meadows    OF  Grayson (GA)
   4  Twins  Sean Manea    LHP  Indiana State
   5  Indians  Kohl Stewart    RHP  St. Pius X (TX)
   6  Marlins  Reese McGuire    C  Kentwood (WA)
   7  Red Sox  JP Crawford    SS  Lakewood (CA)
   8  Royals  Jon Denney    C  Yukon (OK)
   9  Pirates  Kris Bryant    3B  San Diego
 10  Blue Jays  Jonathon Crawford    RHP  Florida
 11  Mets  Ryan Boldt    OF  Red Wing (MN)
 12  Mariners  Drew Ward    SS/3B  Leedey (OK)
 13  Padres  Colin Moran    3B  North Carolina
 14  Pirates  Kevin Ziomek    LHP  Vanderbilt
 15  Diamondbacks  Mark Appel    RHP  Stanford
 16  Phillies  Trey Ball    LHP/OF  New Castle (IN)
 17  Brewers  Bobby Wahl    RHP  Mississippi
 18  White Sox  Scott Frazier    RHP  Pepperdine
 19  Dodgers  Jordan Sheffield    RHP  Tullahoma (TN)
 20  Cardinals  Jeremy Martinez    C  Mater Dei (CA)
 21  Tigers  Ian Clarkin    LHP  James Madison HS (CA)
 22  Rays  Carlos Salazar    RHP  Kerman (CA)
 23  Orioles  Dominic Smith    1B  Serra (CA)
 24  Rangers  Justin Williams    OF  Terrebonne (LA)
 25  Athletics  Phillip Ervin    OF  Samford
 26  Giants  Marco Gonzales    LHP  Gonzaga
 27  Yankees  Ryan Eades    RHP  Louisiana State
 28  Reds  Aaron Judge    OF  Fresno State
 29  Rays  Jan Hernandez    SS  Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy (PR)
 30  Rangers  Rob Kaminsky    LHP  St. Joseph Regional (NJ)
 31  Braves  Andy McGuire    SS  James Madison HS  (VA)
 32  Yankees  Stephen Gonsalves    LHP  Cathedral Catholic (CA)
 33  Yankees  Oscar Mercado    SS  Gaither (FL)
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  1. Kevin Gallo says:

    I can see arguments for what you have done. But for me Manaea is the #1 pitcher in the draft. Appel although I have my doubts, I can’t see dropping that far specially since he is pitching better this year. The only one I am like what the hell is Dominic Smith way to low for me. That being said it was a solid mock.

    • Kevin says:

      Well him pitching so well recently obviously was poorly timed for me but I still stand behind my belief that he’s not as good as he’s made out to be frequently.On the other hand the 15 placement had as much to do with making a point then it did my actual belief.

      I do expect him to go within the 7-13 range wholeheartedly.Although if he keeps dominating like he has been recently he’s going top5 no questions asked.

      Dom Smith again I’m not sold on him as much as others.I don’t like the drifting.I think he has a shot in RF but I’m not sure how much power he’s going to have.I’m thinking he might be more of a doubles machine and RBI hoarder then HR blaster.Obviously that’d be a problem if RF proves problematic and he’s a 1B.

      • Kevin Gallo says:

        I have seen Dom Smith numerous times I really don’t think his power is questionable. He is arguably the top HS pure bat in the draft. I will hove you a tie with Stanek because I see issues with his delivery and his secondary stuff. But I think in time he will fix these issues. With Manaea hitters have a hard time just squaring up his fastball. I also think he has some consistency issue with his secondary pitches like Stanek but I think he to will fix them.

    • Kevin says:

      The Manaea thing I think is as split as Trey Balls future position.Stanek for me has just really stood out in his chances.I got a chance being so close to the CCBL to see Manaea in person.I just think that Staneks breaking ball is so otherwordly that Area 51 is it’s home in the offseason.

  2. John Flanagan says:

    Drew ward is not eligible.

  3. Kevin says:

    I want to thank Matt and the whole BLF team for providing me this opportunity to spread my opinion.

  4. Matt Grabusky says:

    There are a few things on here worth debating, Appel’s position being the biggest to me, but there isn’t any more to argue about in this mock than in any other one that I have seen.

  5. Shankbone says:

    The guy who stands out to me is Ryan Boldt to the Mets. Only 2 years removed from Nimmo’ing it they’re going to double down? I’d see them Appel’in it up, another big arm to add on.

    Mocks are tough bidness. Nice one. As a Gints fan I’d be crushed to see Ervin snagged before but Gonzales is a nice consolation prize.

    Also, has Kohl Stewart thrown a pitch yet? I can’t see him going that high, football is going to cast him into never-never land. The Blue Jays will take a shot at him with their last protected pick. That FO loves to roll dice and screw with the league.

    • Kevin says:

      Kohl Stewart is a much better Baseball Prospect then a Football prospect.Not to mention Johnny Football has really given him a reason to not want to go to A&M.The Pure Stuff more then warrants the placement and he’s a bulldog on the mound.

      About Ervin your talking 1 slot ha.He obviously could be a Gigante no problemo.On the other hand if he keeps performing like recently he might be even higher.

      I think the Mets need to keep stocking up on position players.I could’ve went a few ways with that pick but Ryan Boldt is a talent that really stands out to me and I think he’s going to have alot more power then others have suggested.

    • jmoultz says:

      Didn’t Stewart hurt his throwing shoulder already this season? I can’t argue he could/should be this high on a mock but if it’s doubtful he’ll pitch this year, why would the Indians (who can afford even less risk than other teams and also lack a 2nd and 3rd round pick from free agent signings) take a super-risky guy like Stewart? I suppose you could argue they’ll throw the dice, lowball him and take the pick in the 2014 draft if he doesn’t take it, but is that your reasoning?

      • Kevin says:

        The shoulder thing was a little ways back at this point.Also he’s not missing the season he’s just starting late.Never the less the kids talent is immense and they need some SP in that system.Now you could argue they’ll go with a college guy perhaps Appel or Crawford.But I feel like Stewart’s potential with his deadly FB/SL combo is too good to pass on.

        I also personally don’t view him as that risky.Obviously any 2 sport guy provides some uncertainty.But let’s look at the factors also involved.He’s a much better Pitching Prospect then he is a QB prospect.He’s I believe the #7 QB according to ESPN.Don’t quote me on that though.The point I’m trying to make is his future is very clearly on the mound.Also Johnny Manziel I believe has another 2 years of guranteed eligibilty left and his the reiging Heisman candidate.So if you ask me I doubt he makes it to A&M.

        Once again though this is the opinion of just me but I think when you combine his potential and the state of their farm it makes sense.

  6. Mark says:

    No Jonah Wesely?

    • Kevin says:

      Your Talking to a big Jonah Fan trust me.

      I couldn’t find a reasonable spot for him at this stage I don’t think he’s far behind though.

  7. As a Yankees fan, I’d be pretty happy with this. Lets hope you have great foresight!

  8. KevinRBLF says:

    As a Red Sox fan I don’t know if I like the sound of that :)

  9. Mack Ade says:

    Hey we all have opinions. The great thing is we are never right.

    IMO –

    you have Kohl a little high

    Ward could go that high

    Appel at 15th is just personal punishment

    But that’s me…

    • KevinRBLF says:

      In all fairness 15 is low for Appel.I do wholeheartedly believe he’s not as good as he’s been portrayed even with the recent performances.I also truely feel he will go in the 7-13 range.

      As for Kohl I love the pure stuff.I love the bulldog demeanor on the mound.Maybe I’m a bit overoptimistic in his ability.But he has a very good arsenal with the chance to have 3 plus pitches down the road.I think at the very least he has a plus fastball and with all that movement on it it’s almost too good.I love the slider and the changeup certainly shows alot of promise.But like you said it’s all opinions.

      Drew Ward I feel isn’t properly being evaluated because of the jump.Obviously it’s a unique thing it doesn’t happen that often with big name talents.But to me this kids bat is way way way too good for someone who in my opinion has a shot albeit a small one even still a 3B with his bat a RF with his bat whatever he is he’s a stud offensively.I’m pretty sure at the last prospect classic he hit a HR (A pretty good one at that) off Marco Gonzalez.To me he’s a top of the 1st talent on the bat alone and any defense he provides you is almost icing on the cake.Not saying he’s bad defensively or what have you but the bat is just that good.

      • KevinRBLF says:

        15 is as much a statement as it is an objective view.In all reality he probably goes a few spots lower but I wanted to really push across that I don’t think he’s as elite as made out to be by other sources.

        I know I’m probably in the minority when it comes to Appel and that’s fine with me but again it’s just my opinion and I hope people when they see this will sort’ve keep in the back of their minds to watch a bit closer.

        If he keeps performing like he has been though he’s going to make me look bad :) but again that’s fine with me.

      • KevinRBLF says:

        With Drew Ward I was trying to say some people feel he has a small shot or no shot at SS even still he’s that high for me at 3B or RF.I personally almost always feel like you should give a kid a shot at the better defensive home.Obviously some just flat out are obvious even at the amateur level.But nevertheless like I said any home he’s at he’s that high for me/

  10. lou says:

    another SS for the Red Sox? What????

    • KevinRBLF says:

      Another SS? Deven Marrero is a nice talent yes and that’s great and all but this Red Sox fan sees a Glove first slightly better bat Jose Iglesias type and i’m not buying it.I don’t want to say Marrero is Iglesias caliber defense but he’s deffinately a glove first guy in my opinion.Also I do believe Xander has a strong shot at SS but how long does he stay there? I guess that’s another question entirely. For me JP Crawford can stay at SS and has the chance to be very nice offensively I really began liking him as much as I do now based off the bat.

      Also you can never have too many SS in the system. Crawford I think under the most optimistic of situations is in Boston 2015-2016 so it’s not like this creates a logjam this is more a money in the bank future situation.I personally don’t see Marrero being more then a utiltiy guy at the MLB level that’s just me though.

  11. Jose says:

    The Red Sox have thrown so much money down that pipe that I would be very surprise if they do that. Guys like Lin, Rijo, Flores, Rondon not to mention Bogaerts, Marrero, Vinicio, its basically the most stacked position in the system. Of the guys you had available at that pick I would guess any of Appel, Bryant, Denney, Moran before thinking of Crawford and I like Crawford but just not that much.

    I know this is not the NFL where need and position come much more into question but its definite a part of the question all things considered.

    As a Red Sox fan I still haven’t given up on the idea of Manaea, Frazier or Meadows being available. One man can dream I guess.

    • KevinRBLF says:

      Can certainly Dream I guess ha. I deffinately don’t see any being there but when you really really get into it there’s deffinately a possibility you know. 1 surprise pops up at 4 or 6 or something and someone just drops that tiny bit. As a Red Sox fan I’m right there hoping with ya.

      As far as being the most stacked position in the system I think it has alot of quanity and not a whole of quality. Rijo is 16 years old, Marrero I address above as a utility glove with a weak bat.Nice glove though. Vinicio is another guy I don’t believe in so asking this Red Sox fan we don’t have a whole bunch at that position. I also believe Tzu Wei Lin is a SS who will be 18 later this year I believe. Again I don’t see him as that guy I think we need a certified THAT guy.

      I’d say the most stacked position in the system is SP honestly. With Barnes Owens Webster Britton Workman Pat Young Austin Maddox Ty Buttrey. So that’s why I really wanted to put a college SP there and then realized that really didnt make much sense. I then was going to put a C like Denney and again I had time convincing myself they’d do it.

      I personally love JP I see him sticking at SS and I see him having a good amount of power for a SS and a really great bat in general. I see them taking him as the SS of the future so they can put Xander somewhere a little easier for him to handle defensively so the bat can be the main focus.I think Xander can stick at SS at least for a little but he’s going to need to move at some point down the line I believe.

  12. Ed Zahand says:

    Where do you see Nick Longhi in the upcoming draft?

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