Draft Roundtable; 3/4/2013

by Matt Grabusky | Posted on Monday, March 4th, 2013

We are going to begin a weekly roundtable post, touching on various draft topics.  If you have any questions for future posts, send an e-mail to matt@bigleaguefutures.net

With the first pick in the 2013 MLB Draft, the Houston Astros select…

Jeff Sullivan:  To me, it’s a two player race right now between Manaea and Appel. Frazier has the talent to go there as well.  But,  I prefer Manaea, and I think they will pass on Appel again this year.

Mack:   I believe every team should pick the “best player available” on the board and that would be Manaea.  Manaea looks like the best player regardless of position.

Matt Grabusky:  I believe there are probably four possibilities for the top spot, but right now my best guess would be Mark Appel.

Kevin Gallo:  With the #1 pick I am going with Ryne Stanek because he is the top SP that isn’t a Boras client and that may give the Astros the ability to free up money for the later rounds.

Assuming that Mark Appel, Ryne Stanek, and Sean Manaea are your top three draft-eligible pitchers, who would you put fourth right now?

JS:  Coming into the season, I would have had prep RHP Kohl Stewart. However, he hasn’t pitched yet this season with a mild injury to his throwing shoulder. As of today I would go with Jonathon Crawford of Florida a tick ahead of Bobby Wahl. If Vanderbilt LHP Kevin Ziomek contiues to dominate, he could be the fourth pitcher selected in June.

MG:  I think when all is said and done, a high school pitcher will be among the top four pitchers to come out of this draft class.  The problem is, which one?  Give me a field of Kohl Stewart, Justin Sheffield, Clinton Hollon, and Carlos Salazar and I will feel pretty good.  If I had to pick one today, I would probably go with Sheffield.

KG:  The 4th best pitcher for me, and I am going off board, is Carlos Salazar.  He throws in the high to mid 90s with good movement. His secondary stuff profiles to be above average to plus stuff.

Among the players who are generally not viewed as top round possibilities at the moment, who do you think has a good chance to surprise down the road?

JS:  I love Kerman HS RHP Carlos Salazar, but he moves up in the rankings after each time throwing. I had him at 24 in my pre-season rankings but he would be even higher now. LHP Jake Brentz continues to impress and could be a day one selection. As for players who will be drafted a little later, I like the players who I have seen perform on the biggest stages. Three prep hitters in Nick Longhi, Joe Dudek, and Dylan Manwaring can all flat out hit. As for pitchers, I think Tyler Danish will be a quicker moving HS pitcher.

Mack:  Texas State RHP Kyle Finnegan (3-ST, 1-0, 1.59, 17-IP, 26-K) and  Seminole State RHP Teddy Stankiewicz come to mind.

MG:  I really believe in Nick Longhi’s bat.  I haven’t seen Konner Wade pitch yet this year, but I am a big fan of his.  Tyler Horan has a chance to make an impact at the next level.  Finally, I thought Buck Farmer should have been taken higher last year and still think he is undervalued.

KG:  My surprise would be Thaddius Lowry.  I think he may even bust into the 1st round, it wouldn’t surprise me.  Good lively FB with an excellent slider and a devastating split finger.  He just isn’t getting enough press.

With three weeks of the college season in the books, what college player or players have jumped out to you?

JS:  I mentioned Kevin Ziomek above, he has dominated early on. FGCU RHP Harrison Cooney has come out of nowhere sitting 94-96. He could continue to climb. UNC freshman Skye Bolt is hitting just under .500 and looks like an early pick in 2015.

Mack:  In no particular order, Vanderbilt OF/2B Tony Kemp (.383), Rice RHP Austin Kubitza (34-K in 19.2-IP), and Vanderbilt LHP Kevin Ziomek (33-K, 22.0-IP) are playing well above their originally projected slots.

MG:  Eric Jagielo is one of the players whose performance I was waiting to see this season, and at .394 with 3 home runs, he hasn’t disappointed.  Cal-State Fullerton’s freshmen starters, Thomas Eshelman and Justin Garza have gotten off to betters starts than anyone could have anticipated.

KG:  The college player that has jumped out at me is Ziomek.  He has been better then advertised.

Looking down the road, and knowing there is alot of change likely to happen between now and the 2014 draft, what 2014 players already have your attention, not including Carlos Rodon?

JS:  Rodon is the clear 1 right now, but I like prep RHP Touki Toussaint a lot. I have him as the best HS pitcher in the country, even as a junior. HS C Alex Jackson would be right in the conversation with Reese McGuire and Jon Denney as the top catcher in the class this year. The last player would be HS OF Kel Johnson. He can just hit and shows true plus power. First rounder next year.

Mack:   particularly like Rodon’s teammate,  SS Trae Turner, C Alex Jackson, and Vanderbilt RHP Tyler Beede.

MG:  Rodon is number one, but Tyler Beede and Jeff Hoffman are both impressive.  I have been a fan of Virginia’s Derek Fisher since he was in high school.  Among high school players, my top three right now would be Touki Toussaint, Alex Jackson, and Jacob Gatewood.

KG: I am going to go pitcher crazy on this roundtable. The player that has caught my attention is a pitcher out of UCSD named Michael Cederoth. He has a Mid to high 90s and it is said that he has hit triple digits. His secondary stuff also profiles well. He has some command issues but I think he will iron them out by next year.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Another one of 2014 guys not mentioned above to me would be Stone Garrett. I love the bat.

    Carlos Salazar is probablly going to end up being a top15 pick if he keeps it up.

    Kevin finally answered the question on Lowry I’ve been asking and if that’s the case he’s deffinately moving up my board alot higher.Jake Brentz is someone who really caught my eye in a big way.Keegan Thompson is another guy as well as Terry McClure and Billy Mckinney I could see all of them sneaking up.

    I really think both Mckinney and McClure could sneak into the 1st round.I would say Joey Martarano as well but that’s not really a sneak he has been viewed as that by multiple respected sources.

    Mark Appel is NOT my 3rd favorite pitcher in this class.But for the sake of arguement I’ll say he is a Big 3 guy with Stanek and Manaea in the popular view.

    My 4th guy would be Jon Crawford.I love the pure stuff.I think he’s going to be truely dominate at the next level.I agree with the thought process that Ziomek could be if he keeps dominating it’s certainly not out of the realm of thought.I also think that from the HS side Kohl Stewart or Jordan Sheffield make a good case for #4 SP in the class.Carlos Salazar again could be that guy by june he’s really that impressive.Although I’m one of the biggest fans of Kohl Stewart.

    I would say who I think #1 will be but since I’m already doing a Mock you guys will have to wait and see :)

  2. Kevin says:

    I also had an Idea for a post.

    Hypothetically let’s say the 2013 Draft is cancelled.All the HS guys have to honor their commitments all college guys must return to college.College Seniors would become FA sort’ve like the NHL Draftees who don’t sign within the 2 year period.

    Imagine what some of these rosters in college would look like.

    For Instance,

    SD Torreros with Dylan Covey and Kris Bryant Reese McGuire Stephen Gonsalves Ian Clarkin.

    USC with Twomey and Dom Smith and JP Crawford Jeremy Martinez.

    So I thought it’d be fun if one of the guys or hell I’d even do it went through got all the commitments together and then assembled the big names from each roster.I think it’d be a fun exercise.

  3. Matt Grabusky says:

    Kevin, that would be interesting and alot of work. You would need to add in the players who never made campus because of the draft, Cecchini and Hensley at Mississippi, etc.

  4. Kevin says:

    This is a quick preview of what some of the bigger schools would look like.All I did was leave any 2012-2013 guys that were in college on the roster(Example being Gausman on LSU and Stanek on Arkansas) and added any 2012 or 2013 eligible guys to said roster.

    Miami would be a powerhouse right now with the likes of:

    Carlos Correa
    Albert Almora
    Walker Weickel
    Zack Collins
    Nick Travieso
    Peter O’Brien
    Keon Barnum
    Derik Beauprez

    USC is another schoool who would’ve benefitted a ton:

    Kyle Twomey
    Shane Watson
    Dominic Smith
    Jeremy Martinez
    JP Crawford
    Chase Dejong
    Rio Ruiz

    UCLA would be the #1 school in the country for years and years:

    Lucas Giolito
    Max Fried
    Hunter Virant
    Jeff Gelalich
    Adam Plutko
    Daniel Robertson
    Dustin Driver
    Gosuke Katoh


    Mike Zunino
    Brian Johnson
    Karsten Whitson
    Jonathan Crawford
    AJ Puk
    Brett Morales
    Lance McCullers
    Lewis Brinson
    Jesse Winker
    Nolan Fontana
    John Sternagel

    Kevin Gausman
    Jacoby Jones
    Ryan Eades
    Justin Williams
    Joey Gallo

    Georgia would have both Clint Frazier and Byron Buxton as well as Duane Underwood and Robert Tyler.Arkansas the likes of Stanek Suggs Sanburn Baxendale Jon Denney Dominic Fiociello Teddy Stanks and Dominic Taccolini Ty Buttrey.Clemson would have Lucas Sims and Austin Meadows as well as Chris Okey.Auburn would have both David Dahl and Addison Russell as well as Kevin Davis and others.

    So as you can see from this 15 minutes of work to make a preview the College Baseball world would be unbelieveably stacked.It’s almost impossible to even dream college teams being that stacked especially in Miamis case.

    It almost makes you think if MLB didn’t allow HS drafting.

  5. Kevin says:

    Call me Crazy but I’m starting to really wish someone would throw Michael Lorenzen on the mound as a SP.He’s got the arm strength I love the breaking ball.His delivery isn’t some violent RP only delivery or something.I think there’s serious upside in switching him full time to the mound.

    Don’t get me wrong I do like him as a OF.But 94-96 FB with a very solid breaking ball and a clean delivery I think there’s a case to be made there.

    I’ve heard some scouts like him as a closer type quick riser more but I’d view that as a backup plan to the bat if he’s on the mound for me he’s going to be tried out as a SP first at least.

  6. Sully says:

    Nick Longhi is an LSU committ for 2013

    • Kevin says:

      Can you imagine that?

      Nick Longhi and Joey Gallos bats on the same roster.Along with Justin Williams.Can someone say most HR in college baseball?

  7. E-Dub says:

    Good stuff, guys! Kevin, I’m a huge Stone Garrett fan too, and expect big things. Mack, good name check on Finnegan. He’s a small-ish LHP in the Andrew Chafin mold but with a better delivery and an even better FB. Agreed that Salazar will rise if the improvements to the delivery and curve are maintained. Curve has jumped at least a grade, maybe two, since last year.

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