Prep Notes: Kopech & Larkins

by donaldjboyles | Posted on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

I have had the pleasure of watching both RHP Turner Larkins and RHP Michael Kopech last summer at a tournament that was in the Bryan/College Station area. Both of these players play on one of the better summer select teams not only in the DFW area but in the State in the Dallas Tigers.

Not often will you see a Sophomore pitcher have a big impact on his high school baseball team, but that is exactly what Larkins did last season. Standing at 6’3 and 185lbs he was very impressive during the regular season he went 10-0, with a 1.33 era and 75 strikeouts. I also had the opportunity to watch Turner Larkins this past fall at a Team One Event and he looked more polish and smoother out there..

RHP Kopech from the tournament last summer-Photo Taken by Donald J Boyles

It is not often that you see a freshman making the varsity squad, but that is what you have here in this 6′-3 185 LB sophomore as he completed his 2nd year on varsity. Michael Kopech (sophomore) was picked for the first team all-district roster as a pitcher. Overall this season, Kopech accomplished an earned run average of 1.74 ERA, struck out 105 batters, and held all of the hitters he faced to a .171 average while pitching 60 total innings. Against district competition, Kopech went 6-3 Record, kept his earned run average at 1.81 and struck out 83 hitters while pitching 50.1 innings.

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  1. Here is one of my videos on Larkin- from the Team One Event

    My Video on Kopech

  2. Kevin says:

    Both are 2014 Grads.

    I like Kopech a good amount.

  3. Matt Grabusky says:

    Texas has quite a few interesting arms for 2014 and 2015; Kopech, Larkins, Mahomes, Jarvis, Ivey, Baker, Burrows, are a few.

  4. Kevin says:

    Don’t they always though. Kohl Stewart and Casey Shane should represent very nicely for TX this year.

  5. Matt Grabusky says:

    Good point about Stewart and Shane, but I think the numbers will be up in 2014 and 2015. I didn’t even mention McKay for 15 and definitely should have.

  6. Kevin says:

    I agree.Not only will they be up next year and 2015 most likely.But I think most would consider this a weaker crop of Texan fire throwers.Stewart and Shane would be up there any year I think but after those 2 as far as 2013 is concerned it’s a bit weak.You do have Dominic Taccolini who I’m a big fan of.That kid Thaddius Lowry that was mentioned on here not too long ago sounds intriguing.

  7. Matt Grabusky says:

    Agreed on it being down this year, there is definitely more quantity, or at least potential quantity in the next two classes.

    I love that you brough up Taccolini, he deserves a world more attention than he has gotten.

  8. Kevin says:

    Him and Keegan Thompson really introduced themselves to me through USA baseball. Both are incredibly underrated.

    Alabama has Thompson and Jordan Sheffield and Kevin Davis.Deffinately liking their crop of arms that’s for sure.

  9. I have seen Lowry.. He pitched for the Houston Banditos during the summer big upside..

  10. Another name to pay attention to is ’14 Cameron Williams, plays at Bastrop High School, during the summer for Action Baseball..

    My video of him playing at the Team One Event;

  11. Matt Grabusky says:

    DOnald, Lowry is a guy who has come up in comments a few times and we have been trying to find out more about.

    You are right about Williams too, definitely someone to watch.

  12. Kevin says:

    I think with Lowry for me at least..I’d like to get a better idea of where his fastball velocity is for certain.Are we talking 91-93 comfortably touching 94-95.Or are we talking 89-91 touching 92-93.

    Also the secondaries is something I’ve heard pretty much 0 about so seeing how Donald is the Texas eyes and expert it’d be great if he could get back to us on that.

    Thanks Donald and Welcome to the BLF team I look forward to reading more of your work.

  13. Comcast Guy says:

    I was at the Mickey Mantel World Series. I saw Dallas Tigers 6′ 5″ pitcher (17 year old Senior) Michael Delavar pitching and he was impressive. He has received several offers from D1, D2, D3 and Jucos but reprtedly has not accepted any offers so he can go play for SEC. Metroplex has a lot of great players. Delavar came in when Gooch (TCU singee)could not find the strike zone. I will be watching for him.

  14. Matt Grabusky says:

    Thanks for the update, would love to hear more from you on players in the area.

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