Mack Ade – 3-3-13 – My Mock

by Mack | Posted on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Yeah, that’s my old jam band…

This is my mock and is not any compilation. It’s what I project as of Saturday when I put this together.

It, of course, will change 50 times before June. Hell, it’s changed twice since yesterday.

Biggest drop is P Karsten Whitson who is now a fourth round pick in my book. OF Austin Wilson is a mid-second.

Rising is Tony Kemp, Kevin Ziomek, Austin Kubitza, and Daniel Palka.

The fact that the 11th pick was an outfielder was not staged.


1 – LHP Sean Manaea –  10.0-IP, 16-K, 0.90

2- OF Austin Meadows – stats not available

3 – OF Clint Frasier – stats  not available

4 – RHP Ryne Stanek – 12.2-IP, 11-K, 2.84

5 – RHP Mark Appel –  23.0-P, 28-K, 1.17

6 – RHP Trevor Williams –  21.0-IP, 21-K, 1.29

7 – LHP Kevin Ziomek  –   22.0-IP, 33-K, 0.82

8 – LHP Marco Gonzalez – 22.0-IP, 22-K, 2.45

9 – RHP Austin Kubitza – 19.2-IP, 34-K (!), 0.46

10 – RHP Bobby Wahl – 16.2-IP, 16-K, 2.70

11 – OF Tony Kemp  –  .409/.527/.523

12 – OF Justin Williams – stats not available

13 – RHP Ryan Eades – 18.1-IP, 22-K, 0.49

14 – 3B Colin Moran – .346, 8-RBI, 13-R

15 – C Reese McGuire – season starts 3-12

16 – OF Phillip Ervin –  .349/.451/.837, 6-HR

17 – SS Oscar Mercado – 4-G, .333/.524 OBP, 9-SB

18 – RHP Clinton Hollon – season starts mid-March

19 – RHP Kohl Stewart –  .370/.419

20 – OF Aaron Judge –  .342/.359/.429

21 – RHP Brett Morales –  0.47 ERA in senior year

22 – LHP Trey Ball – (no individual stats)

23 – RHP Adam Plutko –  18.2-IP, 13-K, 2.89

24 – OF William Abreu – stats not available

25 – SS J P Crawford – no stats available

26 – RHP Dylan Covey – 14.0-IP, 15-K, 3.21

27 – LHP Kent Emanuel – 16.0-IP, 13-K, 0.56

28 – LHP Ian Clarkin – season starts 3-5

29 – C Jon Denney – (no stats available)

30 – 1B Dominic Smith – (no stats available – team: 1-0)

31 – OF Daniel Palka –  .512/.571/.854, 3-HR, 18-RBI

32 – LHP Stephen Gonsalves – season starts 3-5

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  1. Kevin says:

    I think you stated on your site that you felt and apparently you stand by that..that the top teams fearing the lack of arms later on when have a “run” on SP especially the college guys.

    I think obviously I could pick at where some guys landed but that’s pointless simply because I disagree with the premise so obviously the chain effect of that I’d disagree with as well.

    Not saying your wrong or anything I just personally think that’s not the case. I think guys like Ryan Boldt Jordan Sheffield will be in the first round.I also think the top10 will also include guys like JP Crawford and Reese McGuire.

  2. Matt Grabusky says:

    The thing with the college arms, for me anyway, is that after the big 3 of Appel, Manaea, and Stanek, there are a good number of guys that fall somewhat closely together. When you look at Crawford, Eades, Gonzales, Ziomek, Overton, Wahl, Williams, Kubitza, Emanuel, Blair, Finnegan, Wade, Plutko, and more; they comprise a group that is fairly close in talent.

  3. Kevin says:

    I look at the college SP more as tiers.Broken down as such.


    Then you have that 2nd tier.

    Marco Gonzalez
    Kevin Ziomek
    Scott Frazier
    Tom Windle
    Ryan Eades
    I also really like AJ Vanegas and think he’s more a 2nd tier guy.But in all fairness he’s a tier 3 guy.

    Trevor Williams
    AJ Vanegas
    Kent Emmanuel
    Austin Kubitza
    Aaron Blair
    Adam Plutko

    I think that closeness in talent really enters play in the back end of the 2nd tier and the 3rd tier.But those first 5 for me anyways are locked in ahead.

    The point I was trying to make with the original post is that I think alot more HS talent is going to be in the 1st round then what you see here.Like I said above as well Mack simply just has a diffrent view on these things.I personally like a few of the HS guys enough to see them ahead of those college players.

    I’m not going to argue placement with guys like JP Crawford and Jon Denney.But simply point out some guys I think are 1st rounders.As I stated above Ryan Boldt and Jordan Sheffield are 2 of those but the list is as follows.

    Ryan Boldt
    Jordan Sheffield
    Cavan Biggio
    DJ Peterson
    Kris Bryant(That’s in my opinion the one that is the biggest head scratcher)

    Other guys include Rob Kaminsky and Chris Okey.But those 5 up top for me at least are lock 1st rounders.I have Kris Bryant as a lock top10 guy for me. I think Kaminsky and Okey are debateable but that’s about it.

    • Mack Ade says:


      You miss the point.

      This is what I think, that’s all. It’s MY mock. It’s not right or wrong. It’s just mine.

      I simply would approach the draft different than you. I would spend my big and early money on guys I can move through the system faster, and who have proven over the last three additional years that they have what it takes.

      You would go with ceiling which is fine.

      That would be YOUR mock draft… which I would love to see you post.

  4. Kevin says:

    Kris Bryant and DJ Peterson haven’t proven themselves over the past 3 years? I’d think so quite capably actually. I don’t see teams sacrificing that much upside for college guys especially in the top10.Trevor Williams is a perfect example of a boring effective middle of the pack arm.Even more so the fact that I don’t see so many doing it.A few spread out is one thing that’s bound to happen primarily in the back end where teams are more likely to be competeing now and want the production asap.

    I’d like to hear the reasoning behind Bryant especially being left off.

    I’d be happy to post a Mock at some point I posted top10 rankings for most positions on another post of yours.

  5. Kevin says:

    I’ll email it to you?

  6. Kevin says:

    Ok I’ll be working it up ASAP.

    I look forward to the feedback from you guys seeing how I give my 2 cents so often.

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