Mack’s Composite Mock – Feb 1

by Mack | Posted on Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Mack’s Composite Mock – Feb 1


This mock is the compilation of all the mocks out there on blog-land. It includes nine new ones in January. Interesting changes, including on top:


  1. 1.     LHP                 Sean Manaea
  2. 2.     OF                   Austin Meadows
  3. 3.     RHP                Ryne Stanek
  4. 4.     OF                   Clint Frazier
  5. 5.     RHP                Mark Appel
  6. 6.     3B-OF                        Kris Bryant
  7. 7.     OF                   Austin Wilson
  8. 8.     3B                   Colin Moran
  9. 9.     LHP-OF          Trey Ball
  10. 10.                        RHP                Kohl Stewart
  11. 11.                        C                      Reese McGuire
  12. 12.                        RHP                Jonathan Crawford
  13. 13.                        RHP                Bobby Wahl
  14. 14.                        SS                    Oscar Mercado
  15. 15.                        SS                    J P Crawford
  16. 16.                        OF                   Justin Williams
  17. 17.                        LHP                 Stephen Gonsalves
  18. 18.                        1B                   Dominic Smith
  19. 19.                        C                      Jonathan Denny
  20. 20.                        LHP                 Ian Clarkin
  21. 21.                        LHP                 Robert Kaminsky
  22. 22.                        RHP                Karsten Whitson
  23. 23.                        OF                   Aaron Judge
  24. 24.                        OF                   Ryan Boldt
  25. 25.                        SS                    Andy McGuire
  26. 26.                        LHP                 Marco Gonzalez
  27. 27.                        1B-3B                        D J Peterson
  28. 28.                        C                      Jeremy Martinez
  29. 29.                        RHP                Jordan Sheffield
  30. 30.                        SS                    Chris Rivera
  31. 31.                        RHP                Clinton Hollon
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  1. Kevin says:

    Good Mock.

    1 of the more realistic scenarios for a mock I’d say at least recently.

    • Mack Ade says:

      I’m going to write an observation post on what direction some players are going up to the beginning of the season. I should get it online tomorrow.

  2. Kevin says:


    Sort’ve like a power ranking or Hot Sheet idea.Who’s moving up and down and such how are the trends going.

    • Mack Ade says:


      It’s funny how all this works especially since not a single inning has been played yet in the 2013 season.

      Everybody starts off the “off” season ranking played based on what they did last year, thus, a player like Stephen Gonsalves was ranked the top LHP in the draft.

      Then, summer and travel ball takes over and guys like Sean Manaea, Clint Frazier and Jonah Wesley come out of what seem like nowhere.

      We’ll talk more about this when I finish the post.

  3. Kevin says:

    Yea your absolutely right.

    But to be quite frank about it.Their HS stats to me anyways hold less weight then performance at the showcases.Put it this way.A regular season HS game against some scrubby dubby team without a single pro prospect on it or 1 of the top showcases in the world with pretty much every single top HS player you can think of with scouts and cross checkers and scouting directors all watching you.Which 1 sounds like a better experience to gauge their talent level from?The one thing I like the HS normal team for is how there velocity for SP are during the game since they throw more then 1 inning.But for Hitters and Pitchers alike I think the showcase stuff is just as valueable if not more.

    Also, the pressure filled atmosphere is very telling for which guys can and can’t handle it.If they have a bad performance you can’t crucify them over it because it is just 1 inning or 1 AB or even 1 game.But I think it says alot if they can’t perform over the combined showcases at least moderately.

    So I do think guys like Frazier and Wesely should be taken seriously it’s not like some Internet Nerd mentioned their name and everyone ran with it they did perform enough to get peoples attention.

    • Mack Ade says:

      Kevin, you absolutely described spot on 90% of the high school stats in the nation.

      I live in Hardeeville, SC.

      We have a school, Abundant Life Academy, that won the State Championship for their level for six straight years because their coach gathered up every top home schooled travel team kid and bet up on inferior small private schools that hid behind the reputation of being a “religious” school when all they really were was someplace white people could send their kids and keep them away from the blacks and Hispanics that go to the two public schools here.

      Every one of these kids hit .500 and none were prospects.

  4. Matt Grabusky says:

    Kevin, you are right on high school stats not meaning a whole lot, if anything. Results are not what to look for when watching high school players, it is all about the tools and skills they show.

    If you look at a high school box score; hitter one may have gone 4-4, while hitter 2 went 0-4. It really means nothing if hitter 1 doesn’t have enough bat speed to move to the next level and hitter 2 has good bat speed and hit rockets right at guys.

    Games are also a good place to pick up on a players makeup, especially if you can see them on multiple occasions.

    • Kevin says:

      And if you notice in my post I wasn’t really referring to the HS stats as much as just the atmosphere the level of talent.

      Like I said in other comment I just think it’s a better stage to see who can put their best on show and who can’t.

  5. Kevin says:

    Oh I absolutely agree.

    And It applies more so to the HS level obviously or College for that matter but even the Minors that’s the idea.At some point production has to match potential but your right.Stats aren’t the main thing it’s identifying the tools and seeing who can translate over.

    Like I said it has it’s values the actual HS games but I prefer seeing how they do at the showcases I just think to be able to perform in that situation with the pressure and all really speaks alot to the kids poise and makeup.

    Your right on the Makeup thing you can deffinately get a good feel a better feel really because there not on there toes with all those people around at the showcases there at home and more comfortable.

  6. Kevin_Gallo says:

    The only thing I don’t like about this mock is that Jeremy Martinez and Chris Rivera are in the 1st round. The rest I can live with.

  7. Kevin says:

    Jeremy Martinez I can Live with.

    Chris Rivera needs to go.

    • Kevin Gallo says:

      For me Okey and Ciuffo are better then Martinez.

    • Mack Ade says:

      Rivera was ranked the #1 overall pick on Matt Garroich’s Jan 5th mock and 4th on the Jan 30th Bleacher Report mock, both of which were included in this group of mocks

      • Kevin Gallo says:

        And everyone I have talked to think Rivera’s bat is a huge question mark. I have seen him in person a number of times and I think any team that takes him in the 1st round is taking a huge risk with their 1st round pick. One other thing I think he should move to behind the plate.

        • Sully says:

          Rivera was ranked as the number 1 HS prospect since his soph season, but hes a supp-2nd round talent to me right now. As for Martinez, I’ve seen him play at four different events and all the kid does is hit. I feel like he’s been around so long that people are starting to forget how good he is. The body can be worked on but he can flat out hit.

          • Kevin Gallo says:

            I never said he couldn’t hit I just don’t think he has progressed as fast as they thought he would. So many of his peers have surpassed him. He is just processing slower then original thought at this stage in this development.

  8. Kevin says:

    Do you see what I mean now lol.

    This has gone too far.

  9. Mack, are these just January mocks or do you go further back? I have a similar process and do a weighted average. I have about 30 mocks going back to last June. Love the site guys. You do excellent work

    • Mack says:

      I use the last 10… I used to use all the ones that came out but many sites pit one out a month and I find the old ones not representaive of current trends. This last one has 9 from Janauary and one last December

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