Mack Ade – Clint Frazier, Christian Arroyo, Grant Hockin, DJ Snelton, Jonah Wesely

by Mack | Posted on Thursday, January 31st, 2013

We’re getting closer to both the high school and college opening day’s game and I wanted to ask a few of my ‘friends’ out there one more question before they take the field.

Loganville (GA) H.S. OF Clint Frazer has been a frequent guest this year and he was gracious to join us one more time.

I asked: “Clint, I can imagine things are going to be a lot different opening day from last year. You’ll be in an hour glass all year and the scouts will be everywhere. What do you do to keep focused on the moment rather than the future ahead of you?”

Clint was his usual candid self:

“In all reality, it’s hard not to think of what’s to come in the future – but this time last year, I wasn’t thinking about where I’d be right now & what has came with it, so I’ve kept the same mentality of staying caught up in the present & not catching myself pondering on what six months from now holds for me – I’m part of Loganville Baseball as of right now & I will be until after we repeat this year – I’m not on any of the rosters for Major League teams, so right now I’m focused on winning a state championship & having a successful year as a team, I’m not focusing on myself this season, that wouldn’t be fair to my teammates .”

March 12th is going to be quite the date for prospect baseball. I will be one of many baseball pundits that will on hand for the Loganville game against Grayson High School. It will be the Frazier vs. Austin Meadows game the entire baseball world is waiting for.


Speaking of talented high school seniors, Hernando H.S. (FL) SS Christian Arroyo says he is pumped and ready for the 2013 season to begin. 2012 went well: .305/.434, 25-R, 25-H, 15-RBI, plus a .948 fielding percentage. He was recently named the MVP of the 18U World Baseball Classic that took place last September in South Korea.

I asked him what we should be looking for going into this season::

“Mack, I’m just ready to get back at it with the kids I’ve been playing with for the past 3 years. We have high expectations as a team and I’m excited to work our tails off to get there. As for what’s in store, it’s going to be a great season. Obviously I have to prepare myself forum future but as I am doing that I have to provide for my high school as well. Everyone will see a new and improved Christian Arroyo who is physically and, more importantly, mentally better.”


Checking in on the Class of 2014, Damiel H.S. (CA) RHP Grant Hockin and I talked about he’s doing to prepare himself for his junior year. He produced eight wins in 2012, with 70-Ks in 70-IP. Hockin sounds ready:

“Mack, right now I’m working out with my team, focusing on school and getting ready to win a CIF championship. My team and I are working out 5 days a week and practicing till 6 every day. We throw bullpens twice a week, and are just trying to get ready for the season, playoffs, and hopefully a CIF Championship. Even though the majority of the Damien Spartan Baseball team are Juniors and Sophomores, we all know are place and are all very ready for what the future has in store for us.”


Q – Reece McGuire or Jonathon Denny?

Keith Law - Denney. Might be a top ten pick. Certainly a top 15 pick as the board sits right now.

Q – Any thoughts on Alex Jackson C from HS in Cali?

Klaw – Exciting guy for the 2014 draft. Need to see more, obviously, but he stood out in a very good way this past summer.


I also had the chance to spend a few minutes with Minnesota junior LHP DJ Snelton. Snelton comes into the 2013 season with a 2012 stat line of: 16-G, 13-ST, 4-4, 3.24, 86.0-IP, 55-K, .229 b/ave. I can’t even imagine what it must be like pitching in Minnesota in February, so I asked DJ how does a pitcher prepare himself for a season like this.

Mack: “I know you’re going out to California for your first series but doesn’t a 2/22-2/24 series against Western Michigan play havoc on a pitching arm?”

Snelten: “Well, we prepare ourselves by usually starting our return to throwing program in November and gradually making our long toss farther (we throw in the football facility so weather isn’t much of a problem) so by the time we get into February we’re at our max long toss distance and we’ve already been throwing pens since January, gradually increasing our pitch count. Our coach is very careful with our arms and starts us on lower pitch counts and gradually works them up with every start, so it’s definitely a longer process.”


And lasly, TTF announced last week that Tracy HS (CA) senior LHP Jonah Wesely will blog for them throughout the 2013 season up until the June draft. Wesely has come a long way since the first time we interviewed him last year (he had a great junior and travel season and lit up the prospect Twitter world with his increase velo… this is a perfect example of the kind of player that easily could have fell through the cracks twenty years ago before the money and technology that exists today is thrown at this sport) and I caught up with him this week to see how he’s doing:

“I’m extremely excited about this 2013 baseball season. I’ve always anticipated I was going to have an eventful senior year of baseball but wasn’t expecting anything this big. I come from the small town of Tracy, California, the town really got behind me during the summer when I pitched in the PG All-American game and everyone around here has supported me greatly ever since. So my hope is that I can continue that excitement for everyone as my senior season progresses and the MLB Draft becomes closer. I’ve lost over 20 pounds this off season and gotten much stronger. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity ahead of me and can’t wait to get on the mound and pitch for the Tracy High Bulldogs. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @JonahWesely.”

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  1. Kevin says:

    Through the Fence has really nailed a beautiful situation with that scenario.Wesely is 1 of my favorite players and it shows how great of a kid he is doing something like that.I doubt there paying him or anything.

    I don’t want to sound like a playgerist lol but that’s actually not a bad idea for you guys.You guys are in contact with quite a few players so I’m sure 1 of them would love to do soemthing like that.

    Wesely is deffnately a Class A kid on all fronts for me.Great Talent Great Makeup Great Attitude about things.Just Sounds like an overall great kid and someone who’d be an asset to any organization.

    • Mack Ade says:

      The funny thing about Jonah is I did ask him around 4 months ago and he never got back to me… I do have Zach Ryan lines up and did have Corey Ray but he doesn’t answer my emails now.

      I am sure Jonah is doing this for free.

      • Kevin_Gallo says:

        Jonah has done a Q and A with Matt and I have had some very good conversions with him on twitter and email. One note about Jonah that he has not put out on any Q and A or interviews. He has never had a personal pitching coach and everything he has learned is by his HS coaches, other players, books and video. Just think what he can do if he gets some personalized coaching.

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