2013 MLB Draft Profile: Matthew McPhearson

by Matt Grabusky | Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2013

Player:  Matthew McPhearson
Position:  CF
School:  Riverdale Baptist (MD)
Date of Birth:  4/19/1995
Height/Weight:  5’10/175
Bats/Throws:  L/L
2013 Class:  HS Senior
Committed To:  Miami

Scouting Report:

  • Great athlete
  • Good barrel control
  • Chance to develop some pop
  • Above average bat speed
  • Takes pitches
  • Plus to ++ speed
  • Top recorded 60 time of 6.21
  • Tools and skills for centerfield
  • Above average arm



Riverdale Baptist coach Terry Terrill-  “Matt has progressed every year. He’s got that crazy speed that you can’t coach.  He’s a draftable kid and a coachable kid. He’s got a bright future … and he’s got great leadership qualities.”


  • 2012 WWBA World All-Tournament Team
  • 2012 New Balance All-Area Code Team
  • 2012 Area Code Games
  • 2012 Under Armour All-American
  • 2012 Perfect Game Underclass 1st Team
  • 2012 All-Metro Honorable Mention
  • 2012 ESPNHS Preseason All-State
  • 2011 Perfect Game Honorable Mention



 2012  HS  96  34  6  3  0  30  12  68   4  .354  .512  .479

If any of this information is incorrect or you have additional information on this player, please let us know at matt@bigleaguefutures.net

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  1. Kevin says:

    One of the more unknowns of this Class.I think he’s a outstanding athlete.But as the stats above show he stole 68 bags and got caught 72 times thats a pretty awful ration actually even though he did steal a ton.So he has alot of work to do but I like the potential finished product.

  2. Matt Grabusky says:

    Kevin, 72 was his attempts, sorry about that, he stole 68 and got caught 4 times, in I think 38 games. He would be alot of fun to watch in a high school game. He is somewhat raw, but seems to have a good idea of how to play to his strengths, which I like.

  3. Kevin says:

    I thought there was something wrong with that haha.

    Either way he is raw but your right he plays to his strengths which for a HS kid is a big thing for them knowing their role.

  4. Shankbone says:

    30 BBs in 96 ABs, with no power (yet), must have a pretty nice eye to go with the 12 Ks. Ah, HS stats! I’m curious how Josh Hart, Terry McClure and McPhearson all turn out. They seem like sleepers to me right now, but that might change in the next couple of months. McPhearson has the speed advantage, McClure might have the power advantage, and Hart?

    • Kevin Gallo says:

      There are a lot of sleepers and players that could be surprises in this draft. I am not ready to write off pretty much anyone in this years draft. Even the players I am not high on I have a problem not being positive on. It will be a better draft then people think. The Class of 2014 and 2015 is going to be amazing though.

      • Kevin says:

        2015 obviously is far away so i’m not as sure.But I know guys like Trea Turner Carlos Rodon Jose Trevino Touki Touissant and such make next year a very intriguing class at least up top the depth of it I have no idea.I know I liked a few of the guys Perfect Game has high up for 2015 Kyle Molnar and Joe Demers and Ryan McKay.Im very excited for 2015.

        • Kevin says:

          Not to mention I forget the best name of all in Daz Cameron.

          • Kevin_Gallo says:

            Kyle Dean, Tyler Halas, Chris Betts and others are just starting the 2015 HS class. Kyle Twomey is College pitchers to keep a eye on for the 2015 class because it looks like he will make USC starting rotation as a freshman. The 2014 class also has the HS players like Alex Jackson, Brady Aiken, Dominic Keys and a ton more trust me Matt and I are on top of the next few years.

  5. Kevin says:

    Hart has a nice pure stroke. The kid can flat out just make contact.

  6. Kevin says:

    2015 would also have the guy I liked for Freshmen of the Years like

    Skye Bolt and Freddy Avis CJ Hinjosa Alec Rash Alex Bregman and stuff.So Yea the next 2 years should be a great couple of draft years.

    Drew Ward is a favorite bat of mine in 2013

    • Kevin Gallo says:

      My favorite pure bat would be Dominic Smith and that’s just based on best speed. I am still up on the air about Ward but Matt likes him.

  7. Matt Grabusky says:

    I will be able to speak more definitively on Ward after I see some of his games this season, but I do like him. I am very interested to see if he ends up in this draft class.

  8. Kevin says:

    Not Really.

    Last anyone knew he had been working with his HS to make it all happen.And he said it was 95% going to happen and all.Judging by his statement it would take a bizarre occurence of some kind for him not to be in the 2013 class just purely on those statements.

    Hopefully we find out soon though because knowing for 100% makes a huge diffrence in how this class is looked at in general not to mention where everyone stacks up now that a SS/3B of his caliber is involved.

  9. Matt Grabusky says:

    That’s where I am at with it too. I have been basically going with the assumption that he will be in unless something unforeseen happens.

  10. sherman says:

    This kid is a stud I hit with him and he can ball

  11. Matt Grabusky says:

    agreed, he is one of the reasons I love Arizona’s draft.

    • KevinRBLF says:

      Arizona had a good one to this point(Most would say the most important chunk of the draft).

      Matt do you think they’d be top3 in overall draft quality?

  12. Matt Grabusky says:

    I have to look harder at everything before really ranking, but right now I would put Arizona at the top, I really like what they have done.

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