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by Mack | Posted on Saturday, January 26th, 2013

This is a big season coming up for all college juniors but none have more riding on it than San Diego pitcher Dylan Covey.

Covey had an outstanding high school career (Maranatha) and was drafted as the 14th selection overall by Minnesota. He found out four days before signing that he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and his whole world changed overnight.

Covey took a step back, declined the San Diego ‘offer’ and decided on college instead, but the road there hasn’t been smooth either. A 7.60 2011 ERA has settled into a 2012 stat line of: 17-G, 16-ST, 6-3, 3.32, 81.1-IP, 50-K, 43-BB.

I asked Covey what both he and the team had in store for us this year and wanted to get his thoughts before beginning the most importing pitching year of his young life:

“Mack, obviously this season is huge for the Team and I. Coming off from a rather disappointing end to the season last year only made all of us want to work harder and be excellent during the offseason. I’m very excited for this year because of the improvements we have made and the adjustments I have made from a pitching standpoint. The last two years have not exactly gone according to plan but I know what I’m capable of and can’t wait to show how the hours and hours of work have paid off.”


From the local Fayetteville rag:

A pair of Arkansas baseball players were arrested Sunday and charged with shoplifting. Colin Poche and Adam Meyer were booked in the Washington County jail at 7:26 Sunday night after being arrested by Fayetteville police. Both were later released on a $565 bond. According to the arrest report, Meyer and Poche attempted to steal sandwiches and two cases of beer from the Walmart Supercenter located on Martin Luther King Blvd. in Fayetteville. Brandon Meredith, identified as one of the store’s loss prevention officers, told police he witnessed Poche place two cases of beer in a tote bag before both removed price labels from sandwiches they had picked up from the deli and disposed of them in a trash can.

Poche was a fifth rounder last year but decided to go to college instead. We all know how character has become the issue in schools these days, so this is going to cost him big-time. Both are freshman, so it will be interesting to see how the school handles these infractions.

For you players out there… there’s no place for the sense of entitlement that comes along with being a star for a local baseball team. Your job is to lead by example, not be the ass these two have showed they are.

Me? I’d throw them off the team and let them play for a JUCO team to be named later.


Another of the big names out there for the 2013 draft is Gonzaga’s left-hand pitcher Marco Gonzalez. He quickly became the ace of the staff and, in 2012,, gave us quite the impressive stat line of:  12-G, 12-ST, 8-2, 1.55, .201-b/ave., 92.2-IP, 92-K, 23-BB. He also hit   

.325/.372/.430, in 151-Abs. 

I asked him to confirm to me that he was ‘sitting at 90’ going into the season can we look for anything new this season?

His response was both honest and candid:

“Hey Mack, Yeah that’s correct, I sat 90-91 and touched 93 over the summer and this fall. I haven’t been under the gun yet this offseason, but I definitely feel stronger and firmer than ever before. My workouts have been vigorous and tuned to strengthening my shoulders, core, and legs, and I feel ready to go. And ultimately, I’m healthy, which is the more important thing! I feel confident in my ability to throw strikes with every pitch I have, and I’m looking forward to adding a little more velocity this spring. The numbers on the gun are important, however, it’s the way you build your other pitches around the fastball that really matter.”


MLB Draft Countdown ( listed their top 40 college players in the upcoming draft. Here’s the first seven:

Mark Appel, RHP, Stanford

 Ryne Stanek, RHP, Arkansas

 Sean Manaea, LHP, Indiana State

 D.J. Peterson, 3B/1B, New Mexico

 Kris Bryant, 3B, San Diego

 Colin Moran, 3B, North Carolina

 Austin Wilson, OF, Stanford


USABaseball‏ – @USABaseball

CarlosRodon16 with Eric Campbell of USA Baseball after winning RaleighHotStove College Player of the Year


OF Rock Rucker enters Auburn University this year as a freshman member of the Tigers. He disappointingly went undrafted last year out of Russell County, Georgia, after being ranked the 128th high school prospect by Perfect Game. Being sophomore eligible, Rucker will only have to play two seasons to make his college mark and no one wants to get off with a bang more than The Rock”

“Mack, the thoughts of my first year of college baseball have been all over the places these past couple of months. I am hoping to contribute this year whether it be at the plate or on the mound. We focused a lot on TEAM this fall so I am looking to help where I can. Opening day is February 15 and I can’t wait! War Eagle!!”


Stanford closer AJ Vanegas had surgery Friday to repair herniated disc in back. Cardinal says no clear timetable for return


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  1. DrBGiantsfan says:

    RE. the dude who caught those guys shoplifting: Wasn’t there a Brandon Meredith who played baseball for San Diego State a couple of years ago?

  2. Kevin says:

    I thought I was the only person who knew about Rock Rucker.He’s a very talented young man.

    Dylan Covey is such a wildcard.He could go in 22 Overall or in the 12th Round.It’s just that all over the place.He has really good pure stuff so I’m hoping he puts it together this year before the draft and gets back up there.If he doesn’t make it up to the top but still recovers some of his status then whoever gets him late is getting a mighty fine steal.

    Some of the Freshman of the Year Candidates this college season Strictly coming from the 2012 Draft Class are in my opinion

    Skye Bolt OF UNC (Holy Innocents HS)
    Freddy Avis SP Stanford (Menlo HS)
    CJ Hinojosa SS/IF TEX (Klein Collins HS)
    Alec Rash SP MIZ (Adel Desoto Minburn HS)

    Also Mitchell Traver but I think with the injury he’s not going to play enough so those 4.Also Rock Rucker if he got enough playing time could deffinately do some damage.

    • Mack Ade says:

      Kevin, Rock Rucker had a horrible experience with the Mets which might have cost him being picked by anyone else in the entire draft. That’s all I got to say on this one.

    • Shankbone says:

      I was hoping for Rock Rucker to be a Giants pick, they’ve been scouting around Georgia lately for athletic types. Looks like a great pitchers frame but the power potential looks even better. Him and Skye Bolt had two of my favorite three names of the draft, in addition to some great talent. (Jamodrick McGruder was the third).

      What about the Mets failed sign Teddy Stankiewicz? Most likely you weren’t thinking JC for FOY.

      Mack – I really like Marco Gonzalez. Have relatives in Spokane who’ve seen him pitch. Don’t think he’ll last to the 26 spot for my gigantes.

      DrB – if we’re talking shoplifting, how bout Mike Leake?

      • Matt Grabusky says:

        I talk with a scout in Washington quite a bit and he is very high on Marco Gonzalez. I will be getting plenty of updates on him during the season.

      • Mack Ade says:

        The Mets tried to screw around with Stank’s head and promised him more $$ if they drafted him. They then under-stolleted him and the family went in another direction

      • Mack Ade says:

        The Mets were going to draft and sign Rock as a pitcher, not an outfielder. They set up two private tryouts and had him sitting at 94-95

  3. Matt Grabusky says:

    Kevin, all good guys on your freshman list. I would add Kyle Twomey at USC. Depending on how much they get on the feild, UCLA has Poteet, Virant, and Moore. Simcox at Tennessee, Brandon Moore at Miami, and Wiseman at Vanderbilt are interesting, as well.

    • E-Dub says:

      Good point on the UCLA kids, Matt. They really cleaned up. Excellent call on Twomey as well.

      • Matt Grabusky says:

        E-Dub, I am a huge fan of Twomey’s, really like him on the mound and he has always seemed like a good kid too. And UCLA’s freshman class is going to be great to watch for the next three years.

  4. Mack Ade says:

    OF seniors:

    Zach Spivey Spruce Creek HS (FL)
    Gareth Morgan North York HS (Ont.)
    Justin Smith RHP Bartram Trail HS (FL)
    Braxton Davidson 1B TC Robertson HS (NC)
    Alex Abbott Tift County (GA)
    Stone Garrett George Ranch HS (TX)
    Tyree Davis Centennial HS Comptpn (CA)
    Justin Twine RHP Hemphill HS (TX)
    Luke Dykstra Westlake HS (CA)
    Kel Johnson 1B Georgia Home School
    Gerald Hernandez Pinnacle HS (AR)
    Denz’l Chapman Serra HS (CA)
    Jason Todd RHP Jackson HS (WA)
    Scott Hurst MIF Bishop Amat (CA)

  5. Kevin says:

    Alex Bregman is another name i Missed out mentioning.

  6. E-Dub says:

    Hey, Mack. Covey was drafted by Milwaukee IIRC.

  7. Kevin says:

    Marco Gonzalez looked like a absolute stud in his USA Prospect Classic 4 Innings Stint.Doesn’t have the wow Stuff you’d like but very crafty on the mound.Also this kid has an amazing bat.Absolutley outstanding to be quite honest.

    • E-Dub says:

      Was going to say the same, Kevin. Really liked him a Prospect Classic. Gets Hultzen comps due to legit 2-way talent, but maybe a better Brian Johnson is more applicable?

  8. Kevin says:

    I agree.Brian Johnson to me seems like a much more realistic comp.But as you said better even much better on both sides.Brian was good at both.I think Marco is great at both so that’s the diffrence but even in terms of body build and everything both are thicker types.

    Good Comp for sure and deffinately fits better then hultzen.

    • E-Dub says:

      I agree, Kevin. I really liked Johnson as a freshman, but Marco is sort of what I hoped Johnson would turn into. Really enjoying your comments btw. Nice to see such engaged, informed voices here. I was a big fan of Matt’s site, so it’s nice to see it growing like this.

  9. Kevin says:

    Same to you pal.And this site is a true treasure almost a hidden gem if you will as not too many of the people I talk too regarding this stuff knew about it.But I’m slowly trying to turn that around!

  10. Matt Grabusky says:

    Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. We are trying to get a little bit better every day and have alot of things in the works at the moment.

  11. Kevin says:

    You guys really cater to every single draft need I could have.You have information on all the top players.You even provide links to other sites to give an idea of what the consensus or general feeling is on everyone and you do the fun stuff like mocks and rankings and such.

    Honestly,This is 1 of my first stops when I look for new Draft stuff and I appreciate the work Matt Kevin and Mack do alot.

  12. Kelly says:

    The big buzz is the big 2013 6’4 sturdy frame Thaddius Lowry hit 96 mph sat at 93-94 and throw controlled out of the strech 94 mph a hidden gem down in Spring Texas.

    • Kevin Gallo says:

      Thank you for the information.

    • Kevin Gallo says:

      Do how if it was reported and if so which site?

      • Kevin says:

        Was there ever any concrete information on this.Because PG has him at the highest 92.So if he’s sitting 93-94 now and hitting 96 that’d be sort’ve a big deal given his frame and such.

        PG puts it best on his little summary from one of their events.

        “While he didn’t have the highest velo at the event, he was arguably the most effective”

        So combining this alleged improved velocity with his pitchability and that’d be a pretty legit Prospect.

        I hope Kelly’s last name isn’t Lowry or should I say Mrs.Lowry because that’d be an unfortunate tease.

        • Matt Grabusky says:

          Kevin, I don’t know where to get it confirmed, or if it can be, but you can’t use any one outlet as a source. PG only posts what a player has done at their events. Even going by what he did at their events, Lowry was at 89 in July, 87 in September, and jumped to 92 in October. Judging by that, something was clicking for him.

          On a side note, on Twitter, Lowry said that he knew he hit 95, but wasn’t sure about 96.

          Vype has hin sitting in the low 90’s

          Regardless of the velo, whether it peaks at 92, 95, or 96 currently, he is a good one to keep an eye on, for sure.

          • Kevin says:

            I’m not saying he wasn’t doing that.I was just saying I would like to get it confirmed by someone a little more known then “Kelly” on bigleaguefutures comment section.

            About using one outlet as a source.You would agree PG is a highly respected source correct? So while it isn’t deffinate there’s not many other places for me to really even check to see as he hasn’t gotten a whole lot of if any press to date.


            The whole bringing up PG wasn’t to say that she’s lying even though I jokingly said should could be “teasing us”.It was more to say that they seem to think he’s got some real good pitchabilty(once again not concrete just the only respected source I’ve found information on him from in my brief search).So if you add the pitchability to the improved velo which sitting 93-94 touching 96 is alot better from sitting 89-91 touching 92 I’d say.That’d all together make a pretty exciting prospect.I know for me at least I’m going to be keeping an eye on him since as you might’ve noticed I like rooting for the underdogs so to speak.

        • Kelly Lowry says:

          Just want to clear up that I have not posted any comments prior to this one. Cheers.

  13. Matt Grabusky says:

    Kevin, yes PG is a more than a respected source. I was just pointing out that unless it happens with their people in attendance, they are not putting it on their site.

    I have no idea who “Kelly” is either and would love to get the information confirmed. If VYPE is reporting him as sitting in the low 90’s, hitting 95 (I will go with that number because it is the one he gave) is certainly within reason.

    All that said, if he hit it once, he will hit it again and it will end up reported somewhere verifiable.

  14. j hrozek says:

    Hi my name is Jared Hrozek and i have recently been to three of spring high schools baseball games and witnessed thaddius lowry throw and maintain a velocity of 94 to 95 mph fasteball and setting at 91 to 93. Last night 2/21/13 he pitched five innings against flower mound high school and i set next to one of the 33 scoutsthat came to watch him pitch, and witnessed on his radar gun as Lowry hit 94 to 95 in the fifth inning. If i need to sign an affidavit i will lol.

    • Kevin says:

      Maybe a picture of your hand on a bible would suffice if that could be arranged I’ll give you my email to receive such.

      Just Kidding but thanks for the heads up.

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