BLF’s 2013 MLB Mock Draft V.2

by Matt Grabusky | Posted on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Just because they are fun to do, here is BLF’s 2013 MLB Mock Draft v.2.  With the Nationals’ signing of Raphael Soriana, the first round is down to just 28 picks.  We will post V.3 once the final draft order is set.

1 Ryne Stanek RHP Arkansas
2 Sean Manaea LHP Indiana State
3 Mark Appel RHP Stanford
4 Austin Meadows OF Grayson (GA)
5 Clint Frazier OF Loganville (GA)
6 Kris Bryant 3B/OF San Diego
7 Kohl Stewart RHP St. Pius X (TX)
8 Reese McGuire C Kentwood (WA)
9 JP Crawford SS Lakewood (CA)
10 Jonathan Denney C Yukon (OK)
11 Austin Wilson OF Stanford
12 Justin Williams OF Terrebonne (LA)
13 Trey Ball LHP/OF New Castle (IN)
14 Jonathon Crawford RHP Florida
15 Oscar Mercado SS Gaither (FL)
16 Jordan Sheffield RHP Tullahoma (TN)
17 Bobby Wahl RHP Mississippi
18 Colin Moran 3B North Carolina
19 Dominic Smith 1B/OF Serra (CA)
20 Ian Clarkin LHP James Madison (CA)
21 Karsten Whitson RHP Florida
22 Stephen Gonsalves LHP Cathedral Catholic (CA)
23 Ryan Boldt OF Red Wing (MN)
24 Clinton Hollon RHP Woodford County (KY)
25 Aaron Judge OF Fresno State
26 Jonah Wesely LHP Tracy (CA)
27 Rob Kaminsky LHP St. Joseph Regional (NJ)
28 Andy McGuire SS James Madison (VA)


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  1. Mack says:

    You dropped Wilson to the 11th pick just for me, right :)

  2. Kevin says:

    I would love to see Stewart go #7 to the Sox.I think you guys might be over estimating the top teams going after arms back to back to back like that.Personally I think at least Meadows or Frazier if not both will crack the top3 come June.I liked the entire layout though.It’s not like the first 3 are completely unrealistic I just think it might not break down that way.I’m not sure Kaminsky makes it that far back.To be honest I’m not sure Moran makes it that far back.It’s quite possible though.Overall very good Mock.I really like the placements of JP Crawford Denney and McGuire.

    • Kevin Gallo says:

      We also feel that Frazier and Meadow could go in the top three but we are also a long ways away from the draft. I believe as does Matt Hollons is the in this draft, if he shows he is health could shot up the draft.

  3. Shankbone says:

    Quick question: curious how far you see DJ Peterson falling off. I see 6 corner bats in the first round currently: Bryant, Wilson, Williams, Moran, Smith and Judge.

    • Kevin Gallo says:

      Peterson will go in the supplemental round maybe the beginning of the 2st. I don’t see him dropping much further.

  4. If Yankees draft for need I think they grab a college SP with that first pick. Maybe Eades, Marco Gonzales, or someone like that. Would love to see Whitson slide to them. Other than that they’ll just grab whoever has the most upside. Bold prediction: Kohl Stewart misses top 10 and slides to bottom of first due to sign ability concerns where the Yankees scoop him up and throw the extra cash that they get from their two picks at him.

    • Mack says:

      The Bronx Empire:

      Two guys, that had big H.S. careers, but didn’t go lights out in college, might still be aroun for the Yankees pick:

      One is Whitson.

      The other is Dylan Covey

  5. Matt Grabusky says:

    Kevin, I wouldn’t be surprised if Moran and Kaminslky go higher than we have them, but with Moran especially, it was partly finding a logical spot for him to land.

    Shankbone, I like Peterson’s bat and I don’t expect him to slide very far at all. If I saw him at the end of the first round, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Bronx, a college arm would make sense to the Yankees and I expect at least a couple to jump up into that area, I’m just not sure which ones they will be.

  6. fredrick boothman says:

    isee astros taking a bat again kris bryant 3b

  7. Kevin says:

    That hasn’t really been suggested yet.And it does make a little bit of sense.But the problem I’d first think of is that Correa last year Springer the year before that.They have Singleton and then Deshields from 2010.One could argue they might take another bat but I think there going College SP.It just really makes the most sense.I think there looking at it as they have alot of Minor League talent who are close to ready.Then you factor in a top caliber SP like a Stanek or Manaea who could be up rather quickly.If they did go bat Bryant might make sense as the top college bat but I personally think they would take Meadows or Frazier over him that’s just my feeling.I like the idea though Bryant would be a interesting pick for them.

  8. Matt Grabusky says:

    As things stand right now, I would be really surprised if the top pick didn’t come from the group of Appel, Manaea, Stanek, Frazier, and Meadows. Bryant would make some sense, but I think its a longshot.

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