Draft 13 – Top HS RHP, Trevor Williams, Draft Trends, SEC Tourney

by Mack | Posted on Wednesday, December 26th, 2012


Q (Mike) – Who do you view as the top right-handed high school pitcher in the 2013 draft class?

David Rawnsley - I think you ask 30 scouting directors that and you’ll get at least 10 different answers. PG has Kohl Stewart ranked the highest, but Jordan Sheffield and Carlos Salazar probably have more arm strength. Dustin Driver and Casey Shane don’t throw as hard but are much more polished. Personally, it’s not going to shock me if Shane is the top guy, if not in June, then in about 3-5 years. 


Jeff Sullivan @JSully12 –  Jordan Sheffield- RHP, Tullahoma (TN) HS. Committed to Vanderbilt University


Arizona State University junior right-hander Trevor Williams has been named a Collegiate Baseball 2013 preseason First Team All-American, the publication announced Dec. 21. Williams, who was already named a National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association Second Team All-American, was a 2012 All-American and member of the USA National Collegiate Team this past summer. He was one of just four sophomores last season to be a first team All-Pac-12 selection as he led the conference with 12 victories. He finished the 2012 season tied for first in Div. I in wins and he became only the 25th Sun Devil in the aluminum bat era, and the first since 2010, to record a dozen victories. http://www.thesundevils.com/sports/m-basebl/spec-rel/122112aab.html 


Mock Draft Trend Updates:

–         Outfielders are starting to dominate the early picks. Three of the top six picks (Austin Meadows, Austin Wilson, Clint Frazier) have been joined by 3B Kris Bryant, who projects out as a corner outfielder in the pros 

–         Guys rising in the draft are Samford OF Phillip Ervin, Fresno State OF Aaron Judge, and Yukon H.S. catcher Jon Denny. 

–         Falling out of the first round are pitchers Keegan Thompson, Chris Oakley, and Garrett Williams, catcher Nick Ciuffo, 2B Cavan Biggio, 3B Travis Demeritte, and outfielders JaCoby Jones and William Abreu. 

–         You want to get your pitchers early in this draft, especially the righties.


The 2013 SEC Baseball Tournament, which will be held in Hoover, Ala., at the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium for the 16th consecutive year, will increase from 10 to 12 teams and will begin on Tuesday, May 21. Seeds 5-12 will meet in a single elimination format on the opening day of the tournament, followed by traditional double-elimination play Wednesday-Friday. The tournament will return to single elimination play on Saturday. The total number of games played will not change, remaining at 17. http://www.lsusports.net/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=27865&SPID=2173&DB_LANG=C&ATCLID=205844953&DB_OEM_ID=5200



RHP Nick Petree, Missouri St. 

RHP Mark Appel, Stanford

LHP Carlos Rodon, N.C. State

RHP Trevor Williams, Arizona St.

RHP Adam Plutko, UCLA 

LHP Sean Manaea, Indiana St.

Relief Jimmie Sherfy, Oregon

C Mitchell Garver, New Mexico

1B George Roberts, Kent St

2B L.J. Mazzilli, Connecticut

3B D.J. Peterson, New Mexico

SS Trea Turner, N.C. State

OF Raph Rhymes, LSU

OF Michael Conforto, Oregon St.

OF Boomer Collins, Dallas Baptist

DH Nick Backlund, Mercer

UT Michael Lorenzen, Cal. St. Fullerton

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  1. Tim says:

    Are you guys going to do something like this for the LHP’s? That would be a very interesting debate!

    • Kevin Gallo says:

      I think this class is much better than people think and I think players like Brett Morales, Jonah Wesley and others will prove it.

      • Kevin says:

        So far Kevin is 2-2 in my book.He was on board with JP Crawford early.He agrees the class is better then people think.

        I really don’t understand why it doesn’t get much love and I’ve had a few spirited debates about this already.

  2. Kevin says:

    I saw the brief comment on here about Kris Bryant joining the OF in the top picks because he “projects out” as a RF.The issue I have with this is I think people are to confident in the notion he can’t handle third.I think the team drafting him should very well give him the opportunity to handle the position.I’ve seen no reason to dispute the fact that he could logically handle such a task and maximize his value in doing so.

    Even if he was to end up in RF down the line or played both (Tyler Austin would be a good example)I don’t think 3B should be decided upon prematurely.The HS RHP question is a wonderful 1.It has in my opinion multiple answers.Whos the best bet to succeed down the line? I’d be inclined to lean towards a guy like Casey Shane.Maybe even Robert Tyler or Kevin Davis.As far as who I like the most right now.I think Kohl Stewart deserves his credit.Considering the fact that he’s also a very highly touted QB plays into the fact he’s so raw.As well as the fact that at times he appears “Like a QB throwing off a mound”.I think with the proper time to develop he’d be 1 of the great ones.Also and Finally I think this draft being considered “Weak” is way overblown at this point.I wont say it’s 1 of the best or even a strong one.But i have no reason to doubt that this class is superior to the class of 2012.And I’d be hard pressed to find another draft that affords you such depth at not 1 premium position but 2.(C and LHP)also the weakness of RHP has been overblown.With Stanek and even Appel along with Stewart Driver Morales Davis Tyler Beauprez Shane Eades Vanegas Wahl Trevor Williams and even guys like Karsten Whitson Dylan Covey and Clinton Hollon you find yourself asking the ? is it really that weak?Also I think the Baseball Community with the unbelieveably deep class of 2011 has become spoiled in a sense.Sorry for my Rant but I felt this needed to be put out there.

  3. Matt Grabusky says:

    I would agree on giving Bryant the chance to play third at the next level. If he plays himself off the position, so be it, but there is no reason not to give him the opportunity.

    For prep righthanders, I lean a bit towards Morales, but you can make an argument for all of the guys kevin mentioned. Tyler is my pick among the guys who are a bit under the radar. If you just caught a guy on the right day, Sheffield could have a really good case.

    For lefthanders, we might make a post out of it, but Clarkin is the right now guy for me, and Wesely is the guy I think emerges down the line.

    Kevin also has a good point about the class of 2013 not being as bad as it is being made out to be. I think there are quite a few interesting college arms, Konner Wade and Jonathan Crawford are two I would add to the righthanders already mentioned.

  4. Tim says:

    Clarkin and Wesely are my top 2 LHP’s for high schoolers. Kamisky isn’t far behind either. What do u guys think? Who gets drafted higher between Wesely and Clarkin?

  5. Matt Grabusky says:

    You can put Ball and Gonsalves in with them too. Between Clarkin and Wesely, if the draft were held today, I would bet on Clarkin being selected first. I think it will be a closer call in June.

  6. Tim says:

    What do u think kevin?

    And I feel like Make-Up is huge in today’s draft. Those 5 or 6 polished southpaws are so good this year. Anyone know what type of kids Wesely, Clarkin, or Kaminsky are? Work ethic? Etc..

  7. Kevin says:

    I know Kaminsky is as hard a worker as you can find.The kid is incredibly polished for a HS SP and his stuff is pretty advanced with solid velocity.For LHP Clarkin is deffinately up there for me.Wesely is a bit of a darkhorse for me to sneak up higher.Also AJ Puk as a LHP is someone I’m going to closely be keeping a eye on.

    For some reason Jonathan Crawford (This could be due to no video footage available to me and a limited viewing) is someone who I continually leave out of discussions but probally deserves it more then anyone in the class.Yes he has some work to do but undeniably the potential is their to have a top of the line arm.You can’t stress the make-up issue enough Tim.It’s one the bigger factors in my decision making and I’m sure that rings true with even MLB teams and scouts.

  8. Kevin says:

    Also Matt I noticed you mentioned Sheffield and I’m happy you did.For the life of me I wish someone would put some footage of him available on the web hopefully in the coming months before the draft that happens.I’ve heard very good things but until I get a look I can’t really give a honest opinion.

    I have to be honest.Kohl Stewart really stands out for me.Awhile back he probally wouldn’t have so much but when I watch him pitch he has that type of demeanor on the mound that “swagger” of a stud SP and it’s undeniable.Also I really liked what I saw with his Slider and Changeup everyone knows the Heat is top notch.Once he’s able to gain some command and harnesses his offspeed stuff I think he’s going to be a deadly arm.

    Also Trey Ball I really need some help on.If you ask me today I’d say he looks like a nice LHP in the making and obviously he’s one of the most projectable prospects I’ve seen in quite some time.On the other hand you could ask me again tommarow and I’d say that easy Left handed Stroke and his speed and the whole package of him as a OF is all too good to pass up on along with position players statistically being the safer bets.So as someone who has a educated opinion could you please help? LHP or OF?? and please elaborate even slightly as to why would be very appreciated.

  9. Tim says:

    In your guys opinion, who are the HS 1st round pitchers next June??

  10. Kevin says:

    Just in the 1st Round alone.I’d have to say

    Kohl Stewart Trey Ball(Although it might be as a OF) Robert Kaminsky Ian Clarkin and Stephen Gonsalves are all looking like pretty solid 1st round locks.

    As far as who could creep in at this point.I think Brett Morales Dustin Driver AJ Puk Clinton Hollon Jordan Sheffield Chris Oakley Jonah Wesely all have a solid chance at cracking the 1st 30 picks.

    A few other names I’d throw out there as outside chances to reach the 1st round are Kevin Davis Robert Tyler Casey Shane Hunter Harvey Hunter Greene Derik Beauprez.

    Remember also it’s still December and there’s still a full season for all of these guys to either rise or fall.But the point I make when I say that is as of right this second these are guys who have impressed me to think they really have a solid chance at it.The last group of names I have a hard time seeing any of them cracking the 1st 30 picks.Kaminsky Ball Stewart Clarkin Gonsalves are the ones who to me personally would absolutely at this point be there.

  11. Kevin says:

    I think for me Kohl Stewart Trey Ball Rob Kaminsky and Ian Clarkin Stephen Gonsalves look like safe 1st round bets.

    I think if you count the compensation round picks as well now your talking Brett Morales Dustin Driver Chris Oakley AJ Puk.

    As of right this second Clinton Hollon and Jordan Sheffield need to have a good senior season for them to firmly settle high enough.I think Jonah Wesely Robert Tyler Kevin Davis Derik Beauprez all have a shot at working there way up.

  12. Tim says:

    Clarkin and Gonsalves got a national scoped look as prospects because of USA team. Kaminsky has been top dog because of East coast pro showcases and Metrodome. Wesely didn’t do so well at area codes or at petco but really proved a point in Jupiter and catipulted himself into 1st round talks. Puk and Ball are two-way guys. This is one dynamic and interesting class of high school lefties. Each guy is very unique. Scouting directors and GM’s must ecstatic!

  13. Tim says:

    *Must Be Ecstatic

  14. Matt Grabusky says:

    On makeup, I would put Wesely in the group with very good makeup. Of the kids in this class I have had contact with, he is near the top. I have heard the same from others, as well.

    Jonathon Crawford jumped out at me alot last season. I went into the season watching UF games for the 2012 names, and thinking Whitson was the top guy for 2013. The more I saw Crawford, the more he impressed me, and that was before the no hitter. His stuff is legitimate.

    On Ball, I am in the same boat as Kevin. I have heard people I respect say pitcher and I have heard people I respect say hitter. I like his arm to much to move him off of the mound, but the spring will probably have alot to do with it. If a team sees him as a power hitter, that would be the safer path.

  15. Matt Grabusky says:

    Kevin did a good job answering the question about first rounders. I would put Morales as a near lock and Wesely as a strong possibility. Shane has to be in the conversation, as well. The two kids from Tulsa have an outside shot, Hatch and Cobb.

  16. Pete says:

    Its very interesting reading what you experts have to say about these prospects.

    5 years from now.. What HS pitchers are we gunna look back on and say, yeah that was a great pick from the 2013 draft? Who’s got the mental and physical upside that makes it from this class?

  17. Kevin says:

    Crawford has grown on me more and more every time I get a chance to find out anything I can about him hopefully some footage becomes available.I really do like Wesely quite a bit he does stand out from the left side.

    This might be a little bit off topic but Garrett Williams as a LHP has been getting some love lately and quite frankly I don’t know too much about him other then I don’t like the injury thing.

  18. Kevin says:

    From the HS Class Pete,

    For me personally and this could vary on who you talk to and im certainly not a expert.But I’d have to say either Kohl Stewart or Robert Kaminsky.I say Stewart because he’s just a bulldog type stud he goes out there and everything just screams elite from the kid.Not to mention he has a nice pitchers body amazing arm strength and speed and has some intriguing off speed stuff.For Kaminsky what really stands out is the mental side of this kid.He’s a winner plain and simple he has some really good pure stuff but his makeup in my opinion is off the charts.I don’t know if you’ve read up on his High School acheivements but they have the quote in here of him being compared to the greatest HS SP of all time.And I believe he was even called better then that and that’s by the other guys coach so that’s saying something.He is a bit undersized but it doesnt bother me In my opinion in 5 years from now your going to be looking at a young 23-24 year old stud LHP tearing apart lineups all through the MLB.

    Just because I’m a darkhorse kind’ve guy.I think Kevin Davis Robert Tyler and Casey Shane as well as Jonah Wesely when we look back on the 2013 draft in the years following it we’ll say “Wow we really should’ve given them a closer look” They might get overlooked now for various reasons.But I promise in due time alot of people will know their name.

  19. Kevin says:

    I just also wanted to throw this opinion out there.Colby Suggs even though hes a RP I think fully deserves his elite credit.I don’t know how many people view him as a 1st or comp 1st pick but I do.I think his power stuff is deadly and I know its a bold move.But I think he coud stack up with the Kimbrels and Chapmans and Papelbons Mottes and Hanrahans of the world I really honestly do.Which brings me to another point.How about Arkansas this year?They have Stanek Fiocello Suggs who all look like early or relatively early picks.

    A few names I want to throw out there from the college ranks that I like alot is Aaron Blair AJ Vanegas Ryan Eades obviously I’ve mention Jonathan Crawford alot but I’m talking about maybe some less hyped arms or less talked about at least.I also have to come like Marco Gonzalez a bit from Gonzaga.I’m thinking that Tom Windle might creep up a little bit more then he already has.Karsten Whitson and Dylan Covey obviously since turning down the 1st round pick back in 2010 they’ve been talked about plenty but both have really fallen out of favor as of late.Watching both Whitson and Covey and I really like their pure stuff.If everything comes together is to be seen but on the potential side of things I think there as high as anyone.Which brings me to my final point.Mark Appel is so overrated at this point it’s not even funny.I really don’t like appel at all.I think if everything goes right which it should he’s a pretty safe college arm your looking at a MLB #3 which is obviously useful but nothing to spend a high pick on.He doesn’t hold his velocity into starts his delivery is way too easy to pick up on.The off-speed stuff to me didn’t stand out 1 bit.Maybe I’m missing something I don’t know but I think if your talking 5 years down the road from now your looking at a Tim Beckham situation(It’s the 5 year anniversary of his pick in 2013 as a funny side note).

  20. Matt Grabusky says:

    I think that some of the college pitchers who are currently behind the top 5 college arms will emergae in time. I am higher on Konner Wade than most, but if he either gets a little more command of his fastball or bit more velocity, I won’t be alone. If he does both, he jumps way up. Eades, Mitchell, and Kyle Finnegan are three of the others, but there are quite a few who are interesting. Whitson still has the stuff if he pulls everything together in the spring.

    For me, a great pick has to come from a bit further down, or I would go with Stewart, as well. Tyler is a really good bet. Trey Cobb and Oakley are two others. If you are looking purely at ceiling, you have to look at Clinton Hollon and Sheffield. On Kevin Davis, I love the stuff, but the delivery does concern me a bit.

  21. Matt Grabusky says:

    I will be making my way to Arkansas at least once, hopefully twice this season. Astin is another one of their arms worth taking a look at.

  22. Kevin says:

    Barret Astin is worth mentioning for sure.

    Thanks for all of the timely responses Matt.It’s nice to get someone who knows so much to bounce things off of a bit.I really like both Sheffield and Hollon for sure.Ryne Stanek I think is going to be a ace in the majors.I think the changeup will come along fine and his fastball and slider are deffinately plus the movement he gets on his fastball is crazy and his slider is out of this world good.

  23. Craig-NJ says:

    You guys have done some stuff on Jesse Roth and I just read his q and a. Where do you see him going in june?

    • Kevin_Gallo says:

      Roth is a hard Pitcher to read right now I believe he could be sleeper or just go straight to college. He has some very good upside and you will be hearing more about him at the Spring hits. He is a player we are keeping our eye on.

  24. Kevin says:

    That’s a tough one.As of right now I see him as more of a late round sleeper pick anywhere from 4-10th round.

  25. Matt Grabusky says:

    I haven’t had a scout put a round on him, so I am hesitant to do so myself. There are a number of names that have gotten more attention, but, to me anyway, Roth has more long term potential than some of those names. Maybe he jumps up boards in the spring, or maybe he does two or three years from now while pitching for UVA. One way or the other, I would bet he does at some point.

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