Mack’s Personal Mock v2.0

by Mack | Posted on Monday, October 8th, 2012

My first personal (not the compilation version) mock this year was on August 26th. It’s time for this to be updated:

1.    RHP Mark AppelStanford – I’m going to stay with Appel until someone comes along and knocks him off the hill. He probably should have been drafted first last year. I still think, in the long run, teams will pick pitchers first and this draft only seems to have a couple of top ones. You pass on these first three guys and you may kick yourself in the ass for years.

2.    RHP Ryne StanekArkansas – Stanek is a sure fire overall first pick if Appel didn’t come back to Stanford. Frankly, he still might be. Scouts say he could be ready for the majors by opening day 2014.

3.    LHP Sean ManaeaIndiana State – we all know that Manaea is the best lefty out there… but, this is another bad LHP class (when was the last good one?) and we just have no one to compare him to. A top 5 team just can’t pass on him.

4.    OF Austin Meadows Grayson (GA) – I can’t believe I dropped Meadows to 4th. He’s easily the top pick overall on talent, but, like I said before, pitchers go a long way on opening day (you will notice I don’t have a lot of RHPs in this round. I just don’t like what I’m seeing going into this season).

5.    OF Clint FrazierLoganville (GA) – Frazier might pass Meadows in the draft before everything is over in June. He potentially is the top every day player out there.

6.    RHP Clinton HoltonWoodford H.S. (KY) – Holton could have actually been first if it wasn’t for some tendon soreness that slowed down his progress in late 2011. The best pure arm out of high school, but scouts are watching closely for additional arm problems.

7.    OF Austin WilsonStanford – I simply love this guy and, overall tools wise, may be the best pure athlete in the draft. Sure wish he could fall to 11th.

8.    C Jeremy MartinezMater Dei (CA) – Martinez could go anywhere from 6-12, but he will be the top catcher picked in the draft. I particularly like this year for catchers, though I’m not sure if I like it because other positions come up so weak. Martinez isn’t weak. He’s a sure-fire top 10 pick.

9.    OF Justin WilliamsTerrebonne (LA) – Here’s your bat. John Sickles says he’s the best there is in the draft and John knows a few things about this subject. People go to the stadium just to see his BP and then drive home before the game. A future star.

10.                      3B Kris BryantSan Diego  – Bryant remains throughout the early mock season as the top third baseman, a position I see him keeping up to June. He’s one of those “draft him and don’t worry about the position for the next 10 years” kind of guys. Everyone loves them.

11.                      OF Aaron Judge –   Fresno State – Okay, my next pick on talent along was Oscar Mercado, but I just couldn’t list the Mets drafting another shortstop. Judge’s bat is very close to Williams and I have him a lot higher than everyone else out on the mock trail. The Mets need to show fans they are trying to address the outfield problems, though drafting one in 2013 isn’t going to help them in the next three years. The easy pick would be William Abreu, but I think Judge is going to hit the snot off the ball this season for FS.

12.                      SS Oscar Mercado – Gaither (FL) – Mercado isn’t dropping in the draft. It’s just that other guys playing other positions are getting more pre-season hype. He’s easily the top shortstop in the draft and, if a team needs one, he’ll go higher.

13.                      3B Colin MoranNorth Carolina  – Moran can play most of the infield effectively and looks to be a safe bet on draft day. Another of those college guys that could move fast.

14.                      LHP Stephen GonsalvesCathedral Catholic (CA) – the only thing that Gonsalves did wrong so far this off-season was start off as the top lefty in the mocks. You know people love to pick away at the King of the Hill. Still, he’s been on every first round mock so far (21) and he reminds me of Lance McCullers Jr. last year. Everybody wanted to hate him come draft day and all he does is pitch well.

15.                      RHP Kohl StewartSt. Pius (TX) – the new hot shot kid of the mock circuit…  the summer leagues create all these new names and, frankly, they are starting to be a better place to evaluate high school talent. You at least know they are playing against a team stocked with quality players rather than some shrimp school back in their home county.

16.                      OF William AbreuMater (FL) – another early mock favorite

17.                      RHP Dylan CoveySan Diego – Covey had a very inconsistent 2011 and needs to dominate this year to get back to the top 10 area he deserves to be in

18.                      3B Trey WilliamsCollege of the CanyonsI seem to be the only pundit out there that has this handfull on the map. Big-time high school prospect that has been in and out of 567 schools (of course there isn’t an attitude problem here) and now he’s enrolled in some school just to become freshman eligible. Still, a top talent.

19.                      RHP Karsten WhitsonFlorida – Whitson might have been getting all the headlines if he either signed out of high school or wasn’t both injured and inconsistent in college. Lots of talent here that just doesn’t seem to be able to put it all together anymore. Needs a big junior season.

20.                      LHP Ian ClarkinJames Madison (CA) – another summer ball wonder

21.                      RHP Bobby WahlMississippi

22.                      LHP Marco GonzalesGonzaga

23.                      RHP Adam Plutko – UCLA

24.                      C Reese McGuireKentwood (WA)

25.                      RHP Chris OakeySt. Augustine Prep (NJ)

26.                      LHP Trey BallChrysler (IN)

27.                      C Logan KochSouth Mecklinburg (NC)

28.                      C Zack CollinsAmerica Heritage (FL)

29.                      C Chris OkeyEustis (FL)

30.                      SS Chris RiveraEl Dorado (CA)

31.                      LHP Jonah WeselyTracy (CA)

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  1. DrBGiantsfan says:

    I see any hitter who is taller than 6’3″ to be at higher risk of being a bust due to trouble controlling the strike zone. I might take a chance on Judge in the supplemental round but not as a first rounder.

  2. Dan Kirby says:

    I totally forgot about Trey Williams. Where do you have Drew Ward if he enters? Seems like it’s gonna happen. And where is the love for Andy McGuire?! Ha! I love the kid’s game.

  3. Matt Grabusky says:

    Judge wouldn’t be that high for me either, but people who have seen alot of him tend to be fans.

    I am actually working on a Drew Ward post at the moment. I haven’t graded him out, but, if he does enter the draft, he adds another legit bat and he should be in the top half of the first round.

  4. Mack says:

    Yeah, I’m way over the top on Judge… it’s just me :)

    McGuire is definitely the next SS taken in the draft, early round 2

  5. Matt Grabusky says:

    Mack, you are not alone on Judge, he has quite a few people who have him pretty high.

  6. kevin says:

    I think Judge is probally too high here but I’d put him closer to the 20’s of the first round.

    Also is it just me or is the Michael Taylor Austin Wilson Comparison too scary good to even say.My bet is Wilson ends up a 4A hitter because stanford ruined him.

  7. Matt Grabusky says:

    Judge is a bit lower for me, as well, but the upside he has might be too much for teams to pass up after the first 10, or so, picks.

    I can’t wait to see more of Wilson in the spring. I have only seen him play a few times, but I have no problem putting him top 10 right now.

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