Scouting Report: Ryan Boldt

by Kevin_Gallo | Posted on Friday, August 31st, 2012

Players Name:  Ryan Boldt

Position: OF

Hometown: Red Wing, MN

HS Senior

HT: 6’1

WT: 190lbs

Bats/ Throws: L/R


Swing:  Boldt has a quick and sweet swing.  He uses the whole field and seems very comfortable going the other way. His approach in batting practice seemed to be working from the middle out.  His swing is a line drive swing at the moment but still generates power.  The only problem with his swing and it’s not a real problem, is it doesn’t have much loft in it.  But this could be fixed with minor adjustments.

Base running:  He has plus speed, running the 60 in under 6.5.  His base running skills are good but still very raw.  He could easily translate into to a threat on the base paths in the future.

Defense: Boldt should be able to stay in CF and could be, at the very least,  above average in CF.  He has a plus arm that shows he could handle RF defensively.   He takes excellent routes in the OF and has a possibility of being a Plus Ofer in the Future.

Summary:   I like Ryan Boldt a lot more then I think others do but I have seen him in 5 games over the summer and believe he has chance of being a 5 Tool player.  If his bat speed is any indication of what his power will develop into,  his power will come.  Given his body type, I don’t see him losing much or any speed as he gets older.  He a diamond in the rough and will shine in time.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I think you made the right call when you wrote this.I don’t think your over estimating his power potential in the least bit if anything maybe under estimating it.I think in time he could be at the same level as Meadows and Frazier.Maybe not exactly there but close he has a great arm excellent speed he’s raw but I expect alot of good things from him.

  2. Harry says:

    interesting, I don’t know much about him, I know the Mets are looking for players who play up the middle this high in the draft, is he a true CFer?

    • KevinRBLF says:

      I would say he is. He deffinately has the speed and such for CF. He has the chance to be a spectacular defensive CF.

    • Kevin Gallo says:

      Too me Boldt is a player that doesn’t get Enough attention. He shows great speed, arm and raw power to go with it.

  3. Matt Grabusky says:

    Boldt should be able to handle center with no problem; plenty of speed and arm for the position.

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